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The Independent posted on Jan 21, 2020

Instagram just removed its weirdest button

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Charlie Ballard
Jonathan Ferguson
Major dust storms engulf towns in Australia as raging wildfires continue

Major dust storms engulf towns in Australia as raging wildfires continue

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Sajid Javid appears to have directly contradicted a promise made by Boris Johnson during the election campaign...

This Boris Johnson pledge on Brexit has already aged very badly

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Parvez Akther
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Simon Catchpole
“He never dropped his guitar or fell off his stool. It was as easy and gentle as he was."

Nashville singer David Olney dies on stage after 'apologising to audience'

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The Independent posted on Jan 21, 2020

Student dies after being attacked near pub

The Independent posted on Jan 21, 2020:

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Barry Curtis
Watch as Nasa engineers venture outside the International Space Station to conduct repairs
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Nupur Nayyar
All 19 terrorists died during attack, with several plotters serving life sentences and subjected to torture

Trump promotes bizarre claim that 9/11 attackers were treated better than him

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Keith Bartlett
Martin Mcbride
Jane Siver
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Tony Mason
The Independent posted on Jan 21, 2020

Five dead after boiling water floods Russian hotel room

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Andy Pearl
More than 12 billion hours of unpaid work contributed each day by female carers, charity says

World’s 22 richest men 'have more wealth than all the women in Africa'

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