The Ice Age Tier List

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Jan 26, 2019


The Ice Age Tier List
The Ice Age Tier List thumb The Ice Age Tier List thumb The Ice Age Tier List thumb


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  • *GameBoy startup sound*
  • *ding*
  • *Kirby Super Star - Gourmet Race*
  • *sounds of animals fighting
  • *big dino roar*
  • After the dinosaurs were nerfed, a lot of niches were left wide open.
  • The power vacuum created a lot of pretty janky builds
  • most of which ended up getting nerfed in the in the final ice age balance patch.
  • But nonetheless
  • some of the most interesting and unique builds of all time
  • were part of the Quaternary meta
  • and so I think it's time to finally create the Ice Age tier list.
  • It's tough to make a fair tier list simply because
  • just about every build that went extinct
  • can directly or indirectly blame humans.
  • Humans unlocking projectile weapons gave them
  • such an oppressive advantage over large mammals,
  • that they became totally unstoppable in
  • any server that lacked the proper counters.
  • But since you should already be fully aware of
  • how OP humans are, we're gonna kind of
  • skip past them in this tier list
  • and talk about the other great builds from the Ice Age meta.
  • As always we'll start from the bottom of the tier list
  • and move up from there.
  • In F tier we have the Megaloceros
  • aka. the giant deer build.
  • This build holds the record for
  • most evolution points put into the antlers ability.
  • Now I've talked about the concept of diminishing returns before on this channel,
  • for example discussing how the poison dart frog having
  • toxins that are strong enough to drop an elephant,
  • is probably a bit of overkill.
  • But in that case it's not that being too poisonous is a problem,
  • it's just that some of those evolution points
  • probably would have been better spent somewhere else.
  • But in the case of the giant deer,
  • not only is this level of antler growth excessive,
  • it's generally detrimental.
  • First of all antlers have a significant equipment load cost
  • Sprinting, fighting, or really just any everyday action
  • costs more stamina when you're
  • weighed down by heavy antlers.

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