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Let’s take a look at The Doors’ guitarist Robby Krieger, and how he helped shape the band’s iconic sound.

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“L.A. WOMAN is a very slick and smooth rock n' roll album — tongue in cheek cliched enough to rise far above and beyond the limitations of rock music.” -International Times, August 26th, 1971

On this day in 1971, L.A. WOMAN peaked at #9 on the Billboard Charts.

Revisit the classic 6th studio album by The Doors here: [ Found.ee Link ]

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"What really set THE SOFT PARADE apart from the other Doors albums at the time was the appearance of horns and strings on several of the tracks." -Pop Matters

Doors fans, grab the iconic 1969 album THE SOFT PARADE on Apple Music for just $4.99 today only, as part of RHINO's rock sale. Purchase here: [ Found.ee Link ]

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Tune in TONIGHT at 10PM Local Time for the two-part documentary series LAUREL CANYON on EPIX.

Featuring all-new, original interviews with Jackson Browne, Don Henley, Michelle Phillips, Graham Nash, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, Roger McGuinn and more, the uniquely immersive and experiential docuseries is a must-watch for any '60s folk and rock fan.
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Tune in this Sunday, May 31st at 10PM local time to catch the new two-part documentary LAUREL CANYON on EPIX, exploring the neighborhood that defined a musical generation. Directed by Alison Ellwood (HISTORY OF THE EAGLES), the docuseries features music from The Doors and all-new, original interviews with Jackson Browne , Don Henley, Michelle Phillips, Graham Nash, and many more.

To get you...


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Who has been picking up their instrument and learning something new recently? In this edition of our #LearnToPlayTheDoors challenge, let’s dive into some flamenco-style playing with "Spanish Caravan."

Check out what guitarist @hotdogstand on Instagram had to offer!

#LearnToPlayTheDoors - Spanish Caravan

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We sure do love these Doors reaction videos from YouTube user @Jamel_AKA_Jamal. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear this song?


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We've been thrown into some crazy times lately, but we surely are all riding this storm out together...

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"I was always amazed by how he could play guitar and sing or play harmonica at the same time. But the spirit of [Bob] Dylan’s music has always stayed with me through everything I’ve done with The Doors and the Robby Krieger Band.” - Robby Krieger

Happy Birthday to the legendary singer, songwriter and musician, Bob Dylan.
Stream this playlist featuring the sounds of Bob, The Doors, and other...
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Here is a great blend of classic and new - check out TikTok users @commandsisters mash up The Doors and Billie Eilish.

Do you have a cool TikTok using The Doors’ music? Post and tag #TheDoorsTikTok so we can share.

commandsisters on TikTok

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