The Curious Case of Free Energy Device

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Apr 21, 2017


The Curious Case of Free Energy Device
The Curious Case of Free Energy Device thumb The Curious Case of Free Energy Device thumb The Curious Case of Free Energy Device thumb


  • Hi, I'd like to rectify free energy.
  • It's one of the hot topics between electronic enthusiasts.
  • There are many demonstrations built by people out there,
  • such as this guy from Pakistan who invented such machine with
  • 1.6 million video video views.
  • Electric companies hate him, mainly because he's wearing huge sunglasses indoors.
  • He has a motor and a generator coupled mechanically with a heavy freewheel to store some energy
  • He first powers the motor to get the wheel up to speed and then connect the generator power back into the motor.
  • Then the system can sustain its motion and generate even more energy to power other devices.
  • Here is his contact if you want to get cancer.
  • Don't trust the first guy? Here is the second one with one and a half million views.
  • Designed a similar machine by drilling a bunch of holes in some metal scraps and can power many things using his free energy device
  • And another guy with {{hits table}} SIX AND A HALF MILLION VIEWS.
  • >> Okay. What we have here is a motor generator unit;
  • I'm abouta turn on the unit;
  • I'm going to switch over the unit ... to the generator source itself;
  • [yelling over motor noise] We're gonna unplug from the AC,
  • and simply lay it out over here.
  • Grinder is working(!)
  • {{grinder shaves}}
  • >>(I-)I know those guys look sketchy, but not this Asian guy with his giant minion
  • >>{in Korean: Let me introduce this ...}
  • {spinner noise cuts in} >>{in Korean: I will cut the (external) power completel}
  • {spinner noise cuts in} {{electric snap}} >>{in Korean: I will cut the (external) power completely}
  • >>{in Korean: as the internal energy ...}
  • {{plug tumbles and clicks in}} > [ElectroBOOM] Such a clean set up and well made device, outputting *so much energy*.
  • They even have a *fundraiser asking for $300,000* to bring *safe and free* energy to everyone!
  • See, a free energy device would contradict the Laws of Thermodynamics which apply to any closed system,
  • such as our universe.
  • But according to their page,
  • 'If you can agree that the world is made up of "closed systems" and "open systems",
  • 'then you should be able to open the possibility magnets could be a way to
  • 'funnel energy from the quantum world to the physical world.'
  • And *that's* the power of agreement.
  • 'Our goal is to create CO2 free power at 2c/kWh and create ...
  • ... [reverberating] WEALTH. (...WEALTH. ...WEALTH.)
  • Nevertheless let me show you my version.
  • As my generator, I'm using a DC motor I took from a drill
  • and I've connected it to this tiny fan, so we can see
  • {{handheld turbine grinds}} when I turn the motor it generates electricity that turns the fan
  • Now I have two motors here that are coupled to each other through this gear box.
  • This one acts as the generator,
  • and that one is the motor,
  • and they are electrically connected to each other.
  • Now what happens is, that as soon as I turn the gear box, the generator turns and makes electricity.
  • And outputs it to the motor, which starts turning.
  • Now the speed of the motor is amplified
  • by ten times, through this gear box
  • that turns the generator faster, making more electricity,
  • and turning the motor faster,
  • so the system can go on forever. Let's give it a try.
  • {drill suddenly kicks in and rises}
  • {dual motor noise}
  • [yelling over noise] ...
  • {drills lose capacity and dive}
  • {drills regain capacity and rise}
  • {{BOOM}} ... F***! Sh**!
  • {{drills power down}}
  • Sh**.
  • Yeah, I was running it from my lab power supply.
  • Because there is no free energy device.
  • There is *no* *free energy device*(!)
  • It's impossible!
  • [disgruntled yelling] This thing would have to have an efficiency of over 100%!
  • It would make energy out of nowhere!
  • EVERY SINGLE free energy device you see on the web
  • is fake as f***!
  • Or F.A.F. for short.
  • There is no 'blueprint of free energy devices governments are hiding from us'!
  • Tesla was never able to 'capture cosmic energy with his tower, to power the world'!!
  • It's impossible!
  • ##
  • > [Narrator] Nikola Tesla believed he had tapped into what he called "radiant energy".
  • Many scientists believed he was accessing what is now called "free energy".
  • > [ElectroBOOM, amplified] NO, HE DIDN'T!!
  • See, Tesla was a genius with one main goal:
  • Trying to transfer power wirelessly to power the world.
  • -- which is possible to some extent,
  • but not to the scale Tesla was hoping for.
  • And he DEFINITELY didn't tap into some 'f-free cosmos energy'!
  • You know, the resonance frequency of a Tesla coil is somewhere in the order of
  • hundreds of kiloHertz to around a megaHertz.
  • And there are THOUSANDS of electrical engineers, like myself, all around the world
  • that, *everyday*, measure electromagnetic interferences and noises in the environment.
  • All the way from tens of kiloHertz to a few gigaHertz.
  • And you know what we measure?!
  • N-Nothing!!
  • -- in that vast spectrum of frequencies!!
  • Except for those weak radio frequencies and noises *we* put in the environment,
  • we measure N-NOTHING *significant enough* that can power *anything*.
  • >> It's breathing. It's taking in the energy of space literally, and transforming it.
  • < [ElectroBOOM] Bullsh**.
  • "But Mehdi, how about this dignified man who designed such a device,
  • "and is presenting it in a university in front of all those professors?(!)"
  • {{loud click, motor turns on}}
  • {{clapping}} [bystander] Yes!
  • >> (Fwoosh!) {{contact on equipment}}
  • There is
  • no
  • free energy
  • device!!
  • This guy's F.A.F.! <[f]aff!>
  • He only opens his device *halfway* for demonstration(!)
  • I'm sure he is hiding his
  • batteries
  • in the compartment he left closed.
  • "But Mr. ElectroBOOM! This video has ... *21,000,000* views!"
  • "Surely this can't be F.A.F.(!)"
  • A bunch of magnets glued on fan blades,
  • and another magnet can make them turn.
  • >> [European accent] Once again? Okay?
  • [over audio] < --and make even more energy, to turn on a lightbulb.
  • >> ... When I put it ... off, it's not lighting.
  • < Especially since many other people copied the same design successfully.
  • >> {{exclaims in French}}
  • < Oh-aw God.
  • >> {{speaks in French}},
  • {{speaks in French}}...
  • {{speaks in French}},--
  • < If you listen closely, you can realize that most ((of)) these people have some sort of accent.
  • >> ...{{speaks in French}}--
  • < And you know what it means?
  • They can't be trusted.
  • Why do you think these people copy this sh**?
  • Because they want to get views.
  • Trust me when I say, 'there is no free energy device'!
  • You trust me, right? Do you?!
  • "Huh?"
  • [in a girl voice] "Hmm--"
  • "Uh!?"
  • [in a girl voice, escalates] "Hmm--"
  • [dumb voice] "Huh?"
  • #"I can show you some sh******"#
  • Have you watched my butt light video,
  • where a guy turns on a lightbulb through his buttcheeks?
  • I talked to the guy.
  • He is a magician,
  • and *that* was a gimmick lightbulb he was using.
  • And I'm pretty sure *this* light is the same, one way or another.
  • "But Mehdi, how 'bout--!"
  • {{rattling contact}} [grunting] Stop i-i-it!
  • -- 10,000,0000 views for a bunch of wires and magnets
  • that can forever provide power?!
  • {wind}
  • Now, I should thank some other channels that *reveal* these tricks,
  • like:
  • "Vida em Silício"
  • [over audio] that shows you how a pair of almost invisible, very thin wires can be used to power the lamp.
  • Or "Makerj101", showing that the motor is made of a smaller motor and a battery pack, hidden in a larger motor case.
  • >> The motor. It's -- just simply two coin cell batteries,
  • and then there's a ... small motor in there. --
  • < Of course, the link to all these videos is in my video description.
  • Because, there is no free energy device!
  • Don't be fooled by all this F.A.F. hoax!
  • All these people are trying to ride the Views this F.A.F. gets(!)
  • Or trying to sell you some bull**** kit that will *never* work.
  • Now, there *are* free energies out there.
  • Wait. Wait. Before you call me a hypocrite,
  • it's only a matter of definition.
  • See, a free energy device generates *energy out of nowhere*, consumes nothing,
  • and therefore it contradicts the physics Laws of Thermodynamics.
  • But free energy is *any energy* around us that's readily available to use.
  • Like, solar, chemical nuclear,--
  • Water and wind power, or oil and gas
  • are, really, different forms of solar power,
  • because they are the solar energy that's stored on the face of Earth, in different forms.
  • I love the sun(!)
  • Come to think of it, even the source of solar energy ((is)) nuclear power.
  • So nuclear power is pretty much the mother of all energies all around us.
  • And that's why Iran should have access to nuclear power. {{chuckles}}
  • (I do not mind,) I am a little bit concerned about that too.
  • Not because the may make bombs - I don't think they will.
  • Just that, if there were more of me back in Iran,
  • they *would* probably have a few core meltdowns before they get it right.
  • Now, I don't deny that there can be a new source of energy available through ...
  • multi-dimensional spaces of ... cosmosis quantum cosmic mumbo jumbo -
  • There is definitely a lot of stuff we haven't discovered about our universe.
  • But if such a thing exists,
  • it must be *repeatable*, *reputable*, scientifically expla'n-*able*, --
  • (...ex--)...explainable,
  • and there must be source and reason behind it.
  • < I asked free energy inventor, Adam Trombly, why he thought this sort of technology was being suppressed,
  • ...AND if the U.F.O. phenomenon was related.
  • {audio skips} >> That's the bottom line.
  • The suppression of U.F.O. phenomena
  • is hand-in-hand with the suppression of so-called free energy.
  • >> Oh-aw God(!)
  • [hands whacking table] If you claimed you have designed such a device and it is possible,
  • let me take a look at it! But let me warn you,
  • 'I will crush you and your fake design!'
  • If it is a fake design, that is.
  • So I guess you don't have anything to worry about.
  • Do you?
  • {background noise amplifies and fluctuates}
  • #{{beatboxing}}#

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