The Conservation of a Cornelius Janssens Portrait - Narrated

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35:50   |   Apr 01, 2019


The Conservation of a Cornelius Janssens Portrait - Narrated
The Conservation of a Cornelius Janssens Portrait - Narrated thumb The Conservation of a Cornelius Janssens Portrait - Narrated thumb The Conservation of a Cornelius Janssens Portrait - Narrated thumb

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In this narrated extended-play video, Julian Baumgartner of Baumgartner Fine Art Restoration, the oldest and now second generation conservation studio in Chicago focuses on the conservation of a portrait by the English painter Cornelius Janssens.

The painting was considerably dirty with accumulated grime as well as a discolored varnish. In addition there was quite a bit of overpainting throughout the clothing that needed to be removed as well as some in the background that was attempting to cover up a minor indentation. Structurally, the painting's old lining and animal adhesive were removed, a new tacking edge added, the stretcher cleaned and the painting re-stretched. Finally, the frame was cleaned and minor restoration was performed on losses.

All of the materials used during this conservation are archival and fully reversible. The techniques performed seek to be as minimally invasive as possible and respectful of the original materials, techniques and artistic vision. All of the work performed adheres to the AIC Code of Ethics.

This video is not meant to be instructional or provide detailed guidance for the application of materials or techniques used in conservation.


Cornelius Janssens was an English painter of portraits of Dutch or Flemish parentage. He was active in England during the early 1600's and then in the Netherlands between 1646 and 1652 when he died in Utrecht.

Janssens painted many portraits of emerging new English gentry. He was an accomplished portrait painter, gaining many patrons and benefactors throughout his career. His style varied considerably over time, and he was able to assimilate new influences into his own style keeping his up to date with the fashions and trends of his day. He was particularly accurate and detailed in his depiction of clothing which has become a valuable resource for costume historians.

Janssens work can be found in the National Gallery, the Tate Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery, Royal Collection, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, the Dulwich Picture Gallery as well as galleries and many private collections throughout the world.