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Oct 26, 2019


The Complete Teen Titans Timeline | Channel Frederator
The Complete Teen Titans Timeline | Channel Frederator thumb The Complete Teen Titans Timeline | Channel Frederator thumb The Complete Teen Titans Timeline | Channel Frederator thumb


  • When there's trouble, you know who to call but how will you know when there's trouble without a Teen Titans timeline
  • I'm dory with Channel Frederator. And since Teen Titans go is facing off with the serious versions of themselves this fall
  • It's about time we warp back to 2003 and face them ourselves
  • This timeline is based on the original Teen Titans show and the Teen Titans go comics only if it's not in those two
  • It's not on the agenda the lesson2 by our count each season of the series measured about one year
  • So were they really even teens in the end? Definitely not cyborg? Alright ready team one, two, three four go
  • The distant past way back in prehistoric times a Neanderthal named narc
  • Excuse me gun narc was frozen in his jungle home along with a flock of dinosaurs. They were preserved in the ice
  • Which sunk to the depths of the Arctic Circle by 3000 BC humankind in the upper world had evolved into ancient
  • Worshipping warriors led by the mighty Saracen one barbarian crawl wanted to be exalted as village champion
  • So he colluded with a witch to summon a monstrous swarm for him to triumph over he would have gotten away with it, too
  • If it weren't for a meddling cybernetic organism from the future cyborg caught on to crawls plan embattled him alongside
  • Sarasim before being whisked back to the present even without his help
  • Sarasim and her people prevailed over the witch's army and sealed their place in the history books over the next few thousand years an ageless
  • Military tactician known as general immortus led his forces into major conflicts all around the globe
  • ancient Egypt the Roman Empire feudal Japan and medieval Europe
  • But of course no timeline is complete without some ancient evil because of course not 1,000 years ago
  • There was an epic battle between the evil dragon Melchior and a wizard Rorick of nul
  • the wizard was nearly defeated by the Dragons might so he cast a magical curse to seal it within his spell book and then you've
  • Got Trigon, the interdimensional Conqueror demon, his atrocities were known all across the universe the monks of Azeroth finally stopped him
  • They created the ring of azar
  • Which could keep its we're safe from its power and sealed Trigon away
  • Trigons followers long prophesized his return in some time before the construction of jump city
  • They built a submarine in labyrinth to services gateway back to the mortal world closer to modern day in Japan
  • There was a young artist named Bruce Shogun who fell in love with one of his creations using dark magic
  • He brought the painting to life
  • But it came at a cost his skin turned to paper in the ink stained him
  • Transforming him into a human printing press and tokyo's first super-villain later during the Cold War
  • The hero red star was born and he was selected for a super-soldier experiment conducted by the mad genius
  • professor Chang basically to become the Winter Soldier of DC
  • The experiment was a success, but the soldier became unstable from the radiation
  • He unwillingly unleashed a Chernobyl tear explosion upon a village and isolated himself in the tundra at a fear that history would repeat itself
  • because that is how I would run away from my problems to
  • Pre Teen Titans all those ancient prophecies about Trigon were realized once his daughter. Raven was born Arella from Azeroth is her mother, but
  • Don't ask about her conception as it turns out the embodiment of evil is capable of some crazy things
  • Ravens birth was the catalyst of the end of the world, but the people of Azeroth accept her anyway
  • Because she knew her destiny Raven became
  • Determined to do all the good in the world that she could before she's fated to destroy it but not every heroic origin story starts
  • With doom and gloom some start at the circus if he asked me I think more should start at the circus the flying
  • Grayson's were the world's best
  • Acrobats and they were also Robins parents one day a rope snapped during their performance and they plummeted to their demise
  • Okay, so there's some gloom and doom here sad boy Batman knows the pain of losing both his parents at once so we took in
  • The orphaned Robin and trained him under the Dark Knight's tutelage Robin learned that the mission trademark Batman Inc
  • 1939 is all that matters the two became a family but all baby birds have to leave the nest eventually
  • Aren't you supposed to be with just moved here?
  • And from now on I work alone sidenote Jason Todd probably picked up
  • The reins as Batman psychic since Beast Boy knew about him down the line speaking of Beast Boy
  • He was once an average kid named Garfield on the Safari expedition with his biologist parents
  • I don't think he likes lasagna though, isn't he a vegetarian?
  • Anyway, one day he got bitten by a rare species of monkey and contracted tsukushi a-- a virus that's curable in animals
  • But fatal to humans
  • Garfield's parents concocted a remedy of animal antibodies that cured their son but inadvertedly turned him green and gave him
  • Shape-shifting abilities that actually doesn't sound so bad. It seemed like they had skirted the worst but shortly thereafter
  • Garfield lost his parents to a flood now orphaned
  • He sought out a new family in the Doom Patrol a team of misfits superheroes determined to defeat the Brotherhood of evil at any cost
  • Garfield broke into their secret base at Dayton Manor and impressed the team's leader. Mento
  • He recruited the little green man
  • And they had loads of wacky adventures together like the time Mentos and Beast Boy pulled a Freaky Friday
  • Or at the time they faced that Animal Vegetable mineral
  • man, but as Beast Boy would learn things change on a mission to stop the Brotherhood from using a quantum generator the adults in the
  • Doom Patrol were trapped by a force field Garfield had to choose destroy the generator or save his family
  • He chose his team. And though the Doom Patrol still came out victorious Mentos scolded Beast Boy for his decision and jeopardizing the mission
  • Frustrated with how Mentos did things Beast Boy left the Doom Patrol to find his own way
  • Elsewhere cyborg was enjoying high school as a rising jock and track star
  • He would always give a hundred and ten percent pushing his limits to be the fastest on and off the track
  • But his speed demon recklessness got him into a car accident and the damage to his body was catastrophic
  • His biomechanic father and nano technician mother saved him with an elaborate operation cyborg survived
  • But he was so angry about the normal life. He lost so he ran away from home
  • Another future Titan Terra ran away from home too, but her reason was a little different
  • She was meant to be the princess of markovia and with some experimentation
  • It's super heroic protector
  • but the procedure was headed by general immortus who sought to
  • Exploit her and her brother geo forces weapons geo force was able to control his powers and fight back
  • But Tara couldn't she fled out of fear that she'd hurt someone to her credit?
  • That's exactly what happened when she went on the run fissures earthquakes and total destruction and awake
  • Hmm kind of sounds like my life five years before the Teen Titans were formed an army of gordanians invaded the planet
  • Tamarin despite the valiant heroics of its people the gordanians decimated the planet fearing the gordanians conquest the royal tamaranian
  • Family sent away their youngest son
  • Wildfire for his own safety while princess Starfire was crushed to see him go her sister Blackfyre took advantage of his absence
  • She made a truce with the gordanians by offering up Starfire as a hostage
  • the invaders took her away and
  • With their family torn apart the king and queen fell deathly ill before Starfire could be delivered to the Citadel
  • She broke free and crash-landed in jump City
  • California Robin cyborg Beast Boy and Raven all convened at the impact zone to fight her but realize that the
  • Gordanians were the true threat together the team successfully pushed back the gordanian forces and thus that Teen Titans were born hooray
  • But it still took Raven another year to warm up to Beast Boy. It's alright Raven
  • It's still taking me time to warm up to Beast Boy
  • Oh
  • And before we enter Titan year one note that there's this whole cyborg jinks love
  • Dodecahedron that plays out across the series it started when jinkx broke up with her then-boyfriend kit cold and joined the hive Academy
  • Stay tuned for updates The Apprentice. The team's first year is filled with growing pains
  • You'd expect from five smelly hormonal teenagers living in close quarters
  • Cyborg temporarily quits because of Robin Raven and Starfire pull a Freaky Friday. What if I am stuck looking like this forever?
  • What's wrong with the way I look?
  • And Beast Boy is a general nuisance to everyone
  • Oh and cyborg gets an off-screen girlfriend named Sarah Sims who he dates for like years in the background?
  • But new perils are on the horizon as career. Mercenary Slade commences his plan to destroy jump city because
  • Terminators gotta termini Slade is big on management theory. So he likes delegating responsibilities for his first evil plan
  • He recruits cinder block to break plasmus out of jail, but the Teen Titans put a stop to that real quick
  • Once he learns of the Titans Slade sets his sights on terminating them instead
  • He hires operatives from haey P short for the hive Academy for extraordinary young people
  • Short for the hierarchy of international vengeance and extermination. That's a mouthful the villains nearly succeed in felling the Titans
  • But end up being beaten so badly they get sent back to the Academy
  • but as far as Slade cares the Titans get the message Slade is
  • Coming Robin becomes increasingly desperate to stop Slade
  • So he creates an alternate alternate persona
  • A master thief who could work for Slade then take him down from the inside red X is born beneath the mask
  • Robin carries out Slade's orders while keeping the other Titans in the dark but Slade knows it's him the whole time while Robins team is
  • Disappointed that he deceived them Slade sees opportunity a team-leading and management apprenticeship
  • He tricks Starfire cyborg Beast Boy and Raven by claiming to have a crow note on detonator
  • But it's just a trap to inject them with nanoscopic probes
  • Now their lives are in Slade's hands
  • Which means Robins is too but the apprentice knows how much as master hates losing
  • So Robin injects himself with probes and strip Slade of his leverage
  • Forcing him to destroy the controller with his holistic learning exercise disrupted Slade goes back to the drawing board, man
  • I bet Slade is scratching his head wondering how he got beaten by a bunch of super-powered teenagers
  • well
  • If anime has taught me anything it's that
  • Super-powered teenagers are basically the solution to all the world's problems like the Teen Titans
  • the characters in my hero academia all have powers costumes and
  • superhero alter egos the big difference is
  • They're still in school season four is out now so you can check it out for yourself with crunchy rolls
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  • still throwing some hand signs and there doesn't mean breathing fireballs and creating shadow clones aren't
  • Superpowers and I don't know if Stan's count
  • But I'm always down to watch a Joe star fight for justice and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
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  • Okay, moving on the Judas contract slaves out of business for now
  • Probably getting caught up on my hero academia and honestly, could you blame him?
  • So the Titans returned to catching petty criminals, but for them
  • Even the petty criminals are time-traveling thieves Warp comes from a hundred years in the future to steal the clock of eternity
  • it's an artifact that's priceless in his time because it disappeared from the past because he came back and took it and then the
  • Time-travel y'all not even once anyway, he makes off with the clock but Starfire dives into the portal after him then moments later
  • She reemerge is carrying it great. Let's just hope there's not a diverging timeline wink-wink
  • Moving on queen of the Stone Age Terra has made her way to the west coast and she catches Slade's attention
  • He's on the market for a new apprentice when the Titans encountered her out in the desert
  • She looks like the would-be prey of a giant scorpion
  • But before they can save her she takes matters and a giant chunk of Earth into her own hands
  • Terra looks like a promising addition to the team and to beast boy's love life, but she's still insecure about her lack of control
  • so when Robin realizes that she doesn't totally understand her powers Terra freaks out and deserts them never the
  • Opportunist Slade swoops in and promises to trainer if she takes down the Titans because the man can't get enough contract administration
  • Together they hone Araki abilities and turned
  • Into the soldier that Robin could never be all that's left for her to do is murder her friends
  • Tyra returns to the tower as a double agent and proves her worth by saving it from a Fisher during her Titan tenure she fights
  • off a stadium
  • ambush by Slade and a magic heist by mumbo after some time Beast Boy builds up the courage to ask her out and the two
  • Of them leave to discover a whole new world including some pie that beast boy calls the best pie in the history of pie
  • um
  • I'll be the judge of that as a self-proclaimed
  • dessert
  • connoisseur
  • While they're out a robotic militia gets through security and assaulted the tower and Slade reveals that Terra had sold them out the Titans overcome
  • The invasion but they're still demoralized that they lost one of their own to the dark side
  • The master apprentice duo then pushes the team into hiding and takes over all of jump city for a little while
  • Eventually, Terra comes to see that Slade like general mortis before him was just exploiting her for her abilities
  • So she turns on her master knocking him into an active volcano
  • It takes all of her power to stop the impending eruption and she turns into stone in the process. Luckily for him
  • Slade has a guardian angel or rather a guardian ancient god of evil Trigon
  • Reanimate Slade's disfigured skeleton body and promises to restore him to flesh and blood if he helps incite the apocalypse
  • Slade accepts the deal because well, uh
  • Terminators gotta terminate the Titans go east the hive Academy goes through a regime change after the original
  • Headmistress goes missing the new headmaster brother blood takes charge with an all-new lesson plan build an ion amplifier
  • Unaffiliated teen heroes Aqualad and Bumblebee catch wind that something was a monk
  • So bumblebee attends the Academy as a spy to fund his new device, the headmaster dispatches his students on a bunch of robberies
  • But one of the thefts go sour once the team Titans arrive
  • They trace jinx back to the Academy then sent cyborg there on an undercover mission of his own
  • That operation strains is already tenuous relationship with Sara. Oh, yeah
  • He's still dating Sara when he goes undercover kind of makes us fling with jinks a little more
  • Suss huh under the alias Stone cyborg becomes blood star student
  • Even though the headmaster walks in on him blatantly hacking their systems once he has the ion amplifier in his cybernetic hands
  • cyborg uses to destroy the Academy
  • But he has no idea the school system has already hacked him back not only does brother Blood
  • Re-engineer cyborgs schematics into a sonic resonator and a squad of cyclones
  • But he also has professor Chang fashioned him a creepy cyborg cosplay, man
  • Good thing the headmistress went missing when she had the chance heard
  • She's been gallivanting
  • Classical concerts with Slade Butler as you do with the former headmasters still on the loose and more and more episodic villains to fight
  • It's time for the Teen Titans to expand they found Titans East a sister team based in Steel City that consists of bumblebee speedy
  • Aqualad and the lightning-fast twins
  • Ma SI
  • menos
  • Cyborg drives out to the east coast to help them set up just in time for brother Bloods
  • Vengeful return the new team rallies together to stop the villain once and for all and their victory inspires them to offer cyborg a spot
  • As team leader knowing that he belongs with his old friends and sera
  • I mean, dude
  • Come on cyborg declines in bumblebee takes charge for those of you who are already invested in the love dodecahedron like myself
  • Cyborg do sera break up after a jealous. Jinx sabotages their Valentine's Day
  • Bad luck, at least it frees up cyborg to flirt with the barbarian leader Saracen, huh? Wait a sec
  • Sera Sims
  • Saracen
  • so anyway the prophecy on Ravens birthday slayed finally reappears as The Herald of
  • Armageddon while the other Titans get wrapped up in his mysterious resurrection
  • Raven knows that this marks the beginning of the end for all of them
  • She conceals the truth from her friends and transports to Azeroth to help her mother but finds her birthplace in ruins
  • Meanwhile, the team follows a lead into the temple that trigons followers had built at the central chamber
  • They encounter Slade again who informs them that the gem Trigon needs to escape is
  • Missing before they can begin a storied quest to find it Raven returns and tells them the truth
  • She's the gem once they learn the secret prophecy
  • Robins cyborg Beast Boy and Starfire make a panic room to shelter their friend when the day of reckoning arrives and you know
  • Well, it does but the Titans are outclassed by the ancient god of evil
  • So raven hands herself over to trigons minions, so he'll spare their lives since Raven surrendered on her own accord Trigon figures
  • He doesn't have to uphold his end of the bar in the slate. And you know, how much Slade hates losing?
  • So the actual entire apocalypse happens and that was a whole thing the Titans survived thanks to some magic Raven gifts them
  • But they still can't beat Trigon without her
  • So a while Starfire cyborg and Beast Boy stave off negative versions of themselves
  • Slade and Robin forge a reluctant alliance and descend into the catacombs Robin finds Raven
  • But she's young afraid and sees the battle with Trigon as a lost cause but the Teen Titans
  • Never give up. They team up with a newly refreshed Slade and battled the demon
  • anyway
  • seeing their strength in the face of the actual entire pocalypse Kraven stops allowing Trigon to control her and overpowers him with a giant
  • Magical flash the faded end of the world is undone and the embodiment of evil is finally gone
  • Cue that gif of a from the cabin in the woods of the little girl going like Bhima time
  • I see you while holding the Frog
  • sorry, I
  • Yes, sorry to interrupt Dorrie, but funny story Teen Titans go vs
  • Teen Titans actually premiered in the during the production is video. I'm Jacob by the way. I'm the one editing this up
  • We just thought that we should include the movie because it is technically part of the timeline since the 2003 Teen Titans are in it
  • So here is the super fast abridged version
  • Okay after Raven destroy Trigon go Trigon conspire to bring back og Trigon by siphoning. Go Ravens power
  • So the two Trigon could take over the universe the og 2003 Titans get involved unknowingly bringing back their Trigon in the process
  • There's a bunch of multiverse nonsense both teams team up
  • Both Trigon spews all the Ravens fuse defeating Trigon og Robin hangs on to the only remaining multiverse portal
  • But he found the go Titans incredibly annoying which is presumably why he never called on them again
  • Just thought we mention it because it is in the Teen Titans timeline since the Titans are in it
  • I'm gonna go back and crawl into my editing hole now
  • The Brotherhood of Evil so you'd think evil could take a breather after that, right?
  • Like how do you possibly follow the end of the world?
  • Well, the Brotherhood of Evil is out to try as well as the Doom Patrol is hot on their trail
  • But the brain is two steps ahead and ambushes the team
  • He imprisons them for five months and makes them watch as he deforested the jungle to rebuild his quantum generator
  • But there's one thing the brain didn't account for
  • Beast Boy mento sends a probe to his young former protege to alert him of their situation in the Titans tracked them down
  • The two teams cooperate to stop the brain and shut down the generator yet again
  • Now the Brotherhood of Evil realizes the threat posed by young heroes across the globe
  • So they launched a campaign to exterminate them?
  • They begin their tour in Mexico by kidnapping wildebeest then make their way across the Atlantic to Morocco
  • they're Madame Rouge NAB's hotspot in sheep shifts into his likeness to trick Robin into giving her a
  • communicator to bring back the brain the Brotherhood brings the two captive heroes to their secret base in Paris and frees them using
  • technology developed by
  • Professor Chang min Qiang again. This guy is always lurking in the background, huh? He's like an evil
  • Forest dump I guess now that the brain has a communicator. He can follow the Titans every move
  • and
  • Move they do for the next several months Robin's team travel the world in the seven seas from New Zealand to Siberia
  • Distributing communicators to their fellow heroes, so they could all be connected in case of emergencies while they're gone. Jump city goes through major changes
  • including the demolition of an entire city block
  • Jinx is a legion switching relationship with Kid Flash and the most major change of all
  • Tara's
  • revival with no memory of her past in the burden it carries Tara takes on a new name and begins a new life as a
  • normal
  • Non royal non-superpowered schoolgirl just as the Titans complete their global mission and are about to head home
  • The brain unleashes his evil forces on every sector at once things are looking grim for the Teen Titans
  • But there's one thing the brain didn't account for Beast Boy
  • He masked Jericho hurled an Pantha all overcome their opponents and meet up at the top secret emergency outpost
  • They think they're the last of the Titans so they mount a ragtag infiltration of the Brotherhood's secret base, though
  • They put up a good fight. They're still completely outnumbered
  • Until the other heroes make their dramatic entrances
  • Of course with their forces combined the Teen Titans put the Brotherhood of Evil on ice and finally make it back to jump city
  • Oh and for all of those of you still following the whole cyborg jinx era kid cold Kid Flash Sara
  • love
  • dodecahedron cyborgs and Sarah reunite that summer before she goes to college
  • trouble in Tokyo
  • Brochu gone
  • Brushogun who Shogun for Shogun that old super villain from Tokyo has long been defeated and imprisoned by the police commander
  • daizo
  • The commander hooked him up to a super evil 3d printer and used his power to flood the streets with ink criminals
  • Then he sent his own Tokyo troopers to clean up the streets
  • So he would be exalted as village champion desperate for freedom for Shogun prints a trooper of his own
  • Psycho tech and sends him to America to get the Teen Titans
  • Attention psycho tech attacks their tower and the Titans get the message loud and clear
  • One interrogation later and they're off to Japan since they're visiting a foreign country Robin insists
  • They all avoid trouble and then he proceeds to go and get himself arrested Daiso knows that the Boy Wonder is on the trail
  • So he recreates psycho Tech in frames Robin for his murder
  • Robin has to go on the lam until he and the Titans can prove his innocence together
  • They deduce for Shogun is operating out of the comic studio wakamono
  • shukan
  • But once they arrive they discover that daizo is the real mastermind
  • As the Titans fight off his minions the commander plunges himself into the ink that merging with Shogun to create an oozy Colossus Robin rips
  • Shogun free cutting off the monsters power supply and dies Oh gets arrested after all this Robin learns that the mission trademart Batman Inc
  • 1939 isn't actually all that matters in life
  • He and Starfire kiss officially starting their relationship and making every shipper in the world implode
  • And then Robyn's multiverse well doppelganger
  • Larry finds out about that and goes ship crazy stealing the heiress's arrow and hooking up these two and these two and
  • these two and these two
  • Wait, how does that work in these?
  • Three, I guess also these three adult woman are after Kid Flash big yikes now
  • That's what I call trouble in Tokyo
  • Teen Titans unlimited with their each now covering the whole globe the Titans continue to fight the good fight
  • Against foes like the fearsome five the army brats and the teen tyrants
  • They even forge new alliances with Slade's daughter rose and Terra's brother Geo Force and have one
  • Beautifully fan servicing tema but Robin realizes that he can't and shouldn't lead them all so it's time to make a bold change
  • Delegating responsibilities. He learned so much from Daddy Slade. So some new organizations pop up
  • there's the Titans urban reconstruction fund or turf a
  • non-profit for collateral battle damage as well as Titans north in HQ run by red star
  • kool narc Arjun Mirage and flame bird
  • They also initiate a training program for rising Titans like Melvin soldier boy soldier girl protector fix-it and cassie sandsmark
  • It's time for the next generation of Young Justice the drifting timeline be yeah
  • Remember that whole warp business a while back turns out it did create an alternate timeline
  • I mean
  • This is a superhero universe after all in a timeline twenty years after warps
  • larceny Starfire has disappeared and the Titans have
  • Disassembled robbing begins a solo career under the alias Nightwing while the others exile themselves in mopey places around the city then one day
  • Starfire reappears having interrupted warps timestream and crash-landed there from the past
  • She finds her old old friends and may reunites battle warp breaking his time regulator in aging him backward into a baby
  • a real Benjamin Button situation cyborg
  • then uses that tech to create a time portal in sense Starfire and the clock of eternity to their own time period
  • with the band back together
  • The old Titans raise baby warp as one of their own to fight by their side as a force of good but despite their efforts
  • The team can't change its fate warp goes back to the dark side the rage warp then goes back in time
  • This time to the flying Grayson's acrobatic accident
  • He takes Batman's places Robin's ben-tor and raises him with a white collar brand of evil
  • Gambling in stock investments and such boring stuff Nightwing sorts this plan from his past
  • But still about 30 years into the future, even though warp came from a hundred years into the future
  • But then there's also he's here in the brotherhood of evil line up
  • Wait, why is the witch here - she was from like 3000 BC my head hurts. Oh, look. There's the headmistress and Slade's Butler
  • I'm glad they're doing well. Okay, so whatever. You know what guys maybe timelines me nothing Raven cyborg
  • Why don't you take it away? So there really isn't a lesson here. Yep. It was all completely meaningless
  • Thanks for watching
  • It would mean a lot if you subscribe to channel Frederator and while you're at it like the video - I'm Dori with Channel Frederator
  • And remember Frederator loves you

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The original Teen Titans series is was such an amazing series, seeing the adventures of Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg every week on Cartoon Network was great. So we thought with the new Teen Titans Vs Teen Titans Go movie out we should go through events of the original Teen Titan series and the Teen Titans Go comics to put together the complete Teen Titans timeline.





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