The Button

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Dec 09, 2011


The Button
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  • (Suspenseful Horns)
  • (Man in Suit) Mr. Matheson
  • (Man in Suit) I know that you are in financial trouble.
  • (Man in suit) This box...
  • (Man in Suit) may be the answer to your problem.
  • If you push this button, two things will happen.
  • (Man in Suit) One, someone, somewhere in the world, who you don't know, will die.
  • (Mr. Matheson) Okay.
  • (Man in Suit) And two-
  • (click-click)
  • (Man in Suit) You- you just-
  • (Man in Suit) You just pushed- you just pushed the button.
  • (Man in Suit) You ju-
  • (Man in Suit breathes in sharply)
  • (Man in Suit) You didn't let me finish.
  • (Mr. Matheson) Yeah.
  • (Man in Suit) Um...uh...
  • (Mr. Matheson) Sorry.
  • (Man in Suit) Ye- yeah.
  • (Mr. Matheson) Um...
  • (Man in Suit) Someone somewhere in the world will die...
  • (Mr. Matheson) Got it.
  • (Click-Click)
  • (Man in Suit) Don't hit it again!
  • (Mr. Matheson) I...
  • (Man in Suit) That's the second-
  • (Man in Suit) No! Just let me finish.
  • (Man in Suit) But you'll get a million dollars.
  • (Mr. Matheson) Oh.
  • (Man in Suit) Yeah.
  • (Mr. Matheson) Okay.
  • (Click-Click)
  • (Man in Suit) Great. That's great. Yeah. You just hit it three times. You killed three people.
  • (Man in Suit) Wonderful...
  • (Mr. Matheson) Can I have my million dollars?
  • (Man in Suit) It was supposed to be like a moral puzzle.
  • (Mr. Matheson) Solved.
  • (Click-Click)
  • (Man in Suit) Yeah, no, that's not how you solve the puzzle. It's not that kind of puzzle.
  • (Mr. Matheson) I don't- I don't-
  • (Man in Suit) You just killed four people.
  • (Mr. Matheson) Okay.
  • (Man in Suit) Do you understand that?
  • (Mr. Matheson) Yes.
  • (Man in Suit) You killed four people. You hit the- four times.
  • (Man in Suit) What?
  • (Mr. Matheson) Is that-
  • (Mr. Matheson) Should I...
  • (Mr. Matheson) Rou- Round up?
  • (Man in Suit) Don't clic-
  • (Click-Click)
  • (Man in Suit) Don't hit it again!
  • (Mr. Matheson) Round up?
  • (Man in Suit) You just- ok no don't-
  • (Man in Suit) Round up?
  • (Mr. Matheson) Round up?
  • (Man in Suit) Round up to what?
  • (Mr. Matheson) Five.
  • (Man in Suit) To five?
  • (Mr. Matheson) I don't understand...what...
  • (Man in suit) You don't want to kill-? Here. Just. Okay.
  • (Mr. Matheson) Where's the...
  • (Man in Suit) Look, yeah. Here.
  • (Man in Suit) Okay.
  • (Man in Suit) Here's your million dollars. There you- there you go.
  • (Click-Click)
  • (Man in Suit) Why'd you hit it again? Why'd you hit it again?
  • (Mr. Matheson) I would like a second million dollars, please.
  • (Man in Suit) It doesn't work that way. You just get one million dollars. Take it.
  • (Man in Suit sighs)
  • (Click-Click)
  • (Mr. Matheson) No deal.
  • (Man in Suit) That's not- What!? No. What deal?!
  • (Mr. Matheson) I choose the box.
  • (Man in Suit) What?
  • (Click-Click)
  • (Man in Suit) Stop hitting the button. You're not choosing the box. You don't get the box. The box isn't part of the deal!
  • (Man in Suit) What...
  • (Mr. Matheson) Owwww! My finger got caught in this box!
  • (Click Click Click Click)
  • (Man in Suit) DON'T!
  • (Percussion and Heavy Guitar)
  • (Singing: Shot through the desert, it's alright...)

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