The BEST OXTAIL EVER|| Fresh ingredients||Spanish Seasoning||Step-by-Step Recipe

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Mar 16, 2019


The BEST OXTAIL EVER|| Fresh ingredients||Spanish Seasoning||Step-by-Step Recipe
The BEST OXTAIL EVER|| Fresh ingredients||Spanish Seasoning||Step-by-Step Recipe thumb The BEST OXTAIL EVER|| Fresh ingredients||Spanish Seasoning||Step-by-Step Recipe thumb The BEST OXTAIL EVER|| Fresh ingredients||Spanish Seasoning||Step-by-Step Recipe thumb


  • Hey beautiful people. Okay, so you guys are about to watch me make oxtail
  • first things first
  • Rinsing off the oxtail we want to make sure you rinse off any impurities
  • and
  • Just network with something awesome
  • So that's what I'm doing. It's quickly rinsing everything off. I
  • Went to two different stores and you got these oxtail
  • one Asian store and
  • The one that I'm rinsing off now I got from the actual butcher. I
  • Couldn't tell the difference, okay
  • Hey, so here
  • To get all that yucky stuff off the
  • Not even sure at it, you know, like the residue back greasy
  • slimy residue that sometimes on me getting that I let it soak for
  • proximately
  • 30 30 minutes to 45 minutes. I
  • Light it so I'm gonna head in edges I
  • Have all sorts of peppers yellow red green
  • and
  • I am cutting
  • about 1/3
  • 1/3 of the pepper and putting it in there
  • I'm going to use the whole pepper
  • As you'll see later on but I'm only putting one third of each pepper into
  • The blender 1/3 to 1/2 something like I use half that bell pepper
  • Once again, I say that's maybe 1/3 of the
  • Actually 2/3 of the onion that I've just mousse. I'm saving 1/3 of it a
  • few little pieces of ginger
  • I've got a not hard on fed nothing and then I got to mark you'll see in a minute
  • There it is a handy dandy
  • vegetable pillar I
  • Love this phone man, it works over
  • Yeah, and then I'm gonna chop it up
  • Stale if few pieces for later
  • I add two scoops of garlic
  • Minced garlic you can add more I actually wish I had added more
  • I would have added maybe
  • another big school
  • And that's some parsley and cilantro
  • We can sure it'll fit
  • a little be able to uh
  • Be put on top
  • then I added a little bit of water and a little bit of
  • Worcestershire sauce hope I'm saying it right
  • Just enough to help it blend
  • So here I am
  • convincing my
  • Ginger because I'm gonna go ahead and chop all my vegetables
  • later and captain
  • I'm just chopping up all my veggies the remaining
  • Okay here
  • Dumping the old water out. I had the vinegar and now I'm rinsing the oxtail again
  • To make sure that I get all of the vinegar out of them
  • out the pot
  • And now I'm tracking them looking at them to make sure
  • Nothing on them that I don't want on them. I saw rinse them separately
  • And guys this stuff is very very important make sure you rinse stalks. Oh very good
  • it's a lot of things germs and
  • Some everything that that's on food
  • So now I am seasoning salt and pepper. That's a song
  • I use two packs of loose Esalen seasoning
  • Actually, I'm take that back I use one in the Hat
  • Parsley flakes
  • That is a revenue
  • And I'm not measuring anything at Solano plate
  • a noble I
  • Would have used more but I ran now
  • Thyme
  • Garlic powder
  • And my pace that I made
  • Mixing it
  • And Here I am adding all of my chopped veggies
  • Be sure to take it easy on the garlic, I'm sorry the ginger
  • Don't add too much ginger because ginger can be overpowering
  • okay, and soy sauce and
  • More bushes your sauce. I really hope I'm saying that right
  • alright and
  • There you have it now. I'm just gonna let it sit and marinate for
  • a minimum of one hour
  • the longer the better guys
  • All right, so I'm about to fry up my ox tails or Brown them
  • I'm going to show you two ways to brown your ah stop
  • This way is just your regular
  • oil in the pan and left and brown
  • I'm using avocado oil
  • To show you this second way and
  • The second method is my preferred method
  • This is what I normally do
  • Okay, I added more avocado oil and that is brown sugar I'm putting it in the pan
  • And I am letting that come to a simmer and
  • Then add my hot stuff
  • So you don't have to worry about it being sweet it is not going to be sweet guys
  • So it's going to be a futile program not gonna be sticky
  • And the color stays earlier meet
  • the whole duration as a cooking
  • It may get a little bit wider
  • But it's still gonna be a beautiful
  • brown color
  • So I go ahead and round the rest of money
  • And
  • then after I'm done browning off on meat go ahead and cook down my vegetables and the taste I
  • Have not added any liquids or anything
  • Just cooking them down and showing you the oxtail
  • So who wants my vegetables have cooked down a little bit
  • I'll go ahead and add my OpSail back into the pot. And do you see the color? It's so pretty I
  • Love it
  • After I've added on the outside back into the pot I had two cups of water
  • Oh
  • Yes, I stir
  • everything that I
  • Want to bring my veggies to the top so that they do not burn
  • So that's what I'm doing here. I'm going deep into that pot and bringing everything up to the surface
  • I went ahead and added tomato paste
  • I'd say one one good tablespoons good or not
  • And then I'm going to get ketchup
  • And guys I do not measure anything so
  • I'm just I'm doing whatever I feel is right
  • So I added some ketchup. I
  • Can't even tell you how much that probably is. Maybe I think maybe a nice a nice tablespoon
  • report a
  • Generous tablespoon
  • All righty now I go ahead and
  • put the little one and let it come to a boil so
  • Now that it's boiling I'll go ahead and more my heat
  • And put that lid on and let it cook
  • So here it's been about an hour that it's been cooking
  • We've stirring everything checking on it, it's looking pretty good. I
  • Don't know if you guys can see all of that oil
  • Yeah, it's a ton of oil and fat that has
  • surface and I'm going to go ahead and take a spoon and
  • Get all of that oil off. I was just showing you guys a little preview it took me awhile
  • So I did a lot of it on camera
  • And I kept doing it until it was don't sit
  • okay, so
  • At this point if it's towards the end it's been cooking for
  • Approximately four to five hours. So I've gone ahead and diced up seen some tomatoes and
  • Chopped up some cilantro and parsley and added fat
  • And then I'm gonna let it cook for approximately
  • Maybe five to ten extra minutes, and then I am finish
  • And this here is the finish product I
  • Hope you guys enjoyed this video
  • It was so good
  • The only thing that I would have done differently
  • Added more adobo seasoning doable things going to secret. I love that seasoning so much
  • So I'm regretting my run into the store
  • There you have it. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell me wonderful day and enjoy your ass
  • You

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The most flavorful oxtails you'll ever make. Watch and learn. The main secret to this recipe is the Goya Adobo All Purpose SeasoningDon't tell anybody All ingredients used are listed below. Please leave reviews in the comment section below and let me know how your oxtail turn out! Also let me know if there are any other dishes you would like me to take a crack at.

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Cooking Time: 4-5 Hrs

All Ingredients used:
➡️ ​2-3 lbs oxtails
➡️ 3 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
➡️ 2/3 medium onion blended - chop remaining onion into bite size pieces
➡️ 4 large bell peppers(all colors), 1/3 blended - 2/3 chopped into bite size pieces
➡️ a few pieces of ginger... just a few
➡️ 2-3 tbsp minced garlic
➡️ 1/2 cup fresh parsley - a few extra sprigs for blending
➡️ 1/2 cup fresh cilantro - a few extra sprigs for blending
➡️ 1 large tomato chopped
➡️ 2 tbsp of worcestershire sauce
➡️ 2 big pinches of salt and pepper
➡️ 1 1/2 packs of Sazon Goya seasoning
➡️ 1 tbsp parsley flakes
➡️ 1 tbsp oregano
➡️ 1 tbsp cilantro flakes
➡️ 2 tbsp Goya Adobo All Purpose Seasoning
➡️ 1 tbsp thyme
➡️ 1-2 tbsp garlic powder
➡️ 1/2 cup brown sugar
➡️ Avocado oil or oil of your choice
➡️ 1- 1 1/2 tbsp tomato paste
➡️ 1 tbsp ketchup

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