The Best One Ton Truck Camper | EXD by EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles

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The Best One Ton Truck Camper | EXD by EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles
The Best One Ton Truck Camper | EXD by EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles thumb The Best One Ton Truck Camper | EXD by EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles thumb The Best One Ton Truck Camper | EXD by EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles thumb


  • We are in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Barrett-Jackson auto auction.
  • This is the EarthCruiser EXD.
  • We first saw this at Overland Expo East and have been dying to take a deeper look at it.
  • The EXD is a self-contained unit that goes on top of a one-ton 4x4 pickup.
  • You can either put it on a flatbed
  • or like this one mount it directly to the frame.
  • Now this is a 4x4 expedition vehicle that you can take pretty much anywhere.
  • The shell of the camper is made out of molded fiberglass.
  • It is 10 feet long, 81 inches wide.
  • The interior height with the roof up is 82 inches
  • and with the roof down it is 62 inches.
  • This has a 30 amp shore power connection.
  • Solar and lithium batteries are standard, but you can upgrade with more batteries or more solar panels
  • and then the brains of the whole operation is right in here.
  • All of the electrical bits are right in here so they're easily accessible
  • and this whole tray pulls out if you need to access something or work on it.
  • Behind here there is pass-through storage and an opening on the other side of the EXD.
  • While we're doing this I think the auction is starting so there gonna be a lot of cars going back and forth
  • I apologize for the noise.
  • On the back end is a diesel tank for the Webasto hot water heater and furnace
  • and in the spare tire carrier. Let's go check out the other side.
  • On the passenger side is another storage bay.
  • This pass-through goes over to where the brains are on the other side
  • and in here there is an onboard air compressor.
  • This is a four-season camper which means when the weather is nice
  • you can take a shower outside with their optional exterior shower.
  • I'm really excited to see what the inside is like so let's go inside and take a look.
  • This is the bedroom section of the EXD.
  • The bed is about the size of a full-size bed.
  • There is plenty of room for Kait and me to sleep next to each other.
  • I'm 5'11" and I have more than enough room to lay down
  • Stretch out.
  • If we needed to bring the roof down for any reason
  • there's still enough room to sleep on the bed you just couldn't sit up.
  • In this particular EXD, there are windows on either side of the bed.
  • Now we've heard in future versions these windows are going away.
  • I don't know if they're going to put other windows in here
  • but you really don't need them because you have this 360 view.
  • All of these go up and down as you can see I put this one up.
  • There's a bug screen that you can unzip
  • and then an outer plastic layer that provides insulation.
  • You can also open so you have air flow coming in.
  • There are a couple reading lights back here.
  • Behind this section here 110 outlets, USB outlets and a 12-volt outlet.
  • One thing I love to do is sit in bed and watch a movie.
  • So it's perfect to sit back here put a pillow behind my back.
  • You can set up an iPad or TV right here.
  • Sit back here have your popcorn and watch TV. It's perfect.
  • Since this is a pre-owned unit,
  • the previous owners installed this webbing up here so you could just toss stuff.
  • There's all sorts of little clips.
  • To give you an idea of how this roof space can actually be utilized for a bit of storage.
  • In terms of lighting, with the 360 degree view here
  • you get a lot of natural light that comes into the EXD.
  • At night, EarthCruiser has done away with these small LED lights in favor
  • of an LED strip light that goes all around the inside of the EXD.
  • Now, the inside of the EXD is a really small space.
  • It's only about 10 feet long inside.
  • So you have to make the most of all the space that's in here.
  • That's why this bed also converts into a small dinette.
  • Let me show you.
  • In order to convert the bed into the dinette.
  • The bed actually is actuated by a pneumatic arm.
  • That's all controlled here on the Czone along with a lot of other features within the camper.
  • So for example, you can connect this to your smartphone
  • and as you're driving down the road if you're going camping in a cold area
  • you can turn on the heat inside the camper to be nice and warm by the time you arrive.
  • Now in order to get the bed actuated up
  • Just hit the forward button.
  • And up it goes.
  • Future versions of this will have a manually operated conversion for the bed.
  • So this is the bed converted.
  • You have your little dinette area.
  • This could be a working area
  • or when you're camping out in the middle of nature
  • you have this 360 degree view.
  • Grab a drink grab a bowl of popcorn or something
  • set it right here and you can see everything around you.
  • What about storage? This is an expedition vehicle you can take this around the world.
  • So where do I put all of my stuff?
  • Now what they have done here is under both sides of the bed
  • there is a large storage cabinet.
  • This goes completely under the bed.
  • There is plenty of room for longer items.
  • and it gives you quick access to things you might need while you're in the camper.
  • I also like the fact that you can lock the storage cabinets.
  • I always get in trouble in our van when I don't make the bed.
  • So let me make this one.
  • Easy.
  • Just ahead of the bed there is more storage on both sides of the camper.
  • These all have latches.
  • Storage area. Some of these are drawers.
  • Another larger cabinet at the bottom that actually goes behind at the cassette toilet.
  • Now in any camper we look at
  • the kitchen area is always Kait's favorite.
  • Small stainless steel sink in here.
  • Filtered water and then standard water just coming out of your tank.
  • This holds 40 gallons of water in the freshwater tanks.
  • Those forty gallons are broken up between two tanks on either side for balance.
  • There is more storage on the kitchen side. Three small drawers.
  • An isotherm drawer style refrigerator.
  • The nice thing about the drawer style refrigerator is
  • you can get stuff out of it from either side of the camper.
  • If you're leaning over from bed and you want that
  • you know little ice cream or something while you're laying there.
  • Just reach in and grab it or you can grab stuff from this side.
  • There are five more drawers further on in the kitchen and then behind this panel
  • there is access to a lot of different components in here including the water pump.
  • So if you need to access it it is easily accessible in a small little
  • And a small little trash can.
  • Here are the controls for the Webatsto dual furnace and hot water heater.
  • It has a 2.9 in gallon capacity for the hot water.
  • Speaking of hot water, let me show you how the shower works.
  • Now the entryway is also dual purpose because I am now standing in the shower.
  • There are curtains that can come across here.
  • This pulls out and you can either hold it to shower off
  • or find a way to mount that up above you.
  • The nice thing about this is your entryway can also become your mudroom.
  • Let's say you've been hiking all day you're been through the mud
  • Come in here rinse off and then you walk into the camper.
  • So you're not dragging the mud all through your house.
  • For the shower in both sinks
  • there is a 12 gallon gray water tank.
  • The drain for the shower is right below me.
  • So now everyone's question.
  • You've got a shower, but what about a toilet?
  • Well, that's right here too.
  • Just bring this down and there is a cassette toilet that pulls forward.
  • It's right here. You can also substitute for a composting toilet.
  • Kait and I actually have a very similar cassette toilet to this.
  • We love it and we did a full review of it.
  • So if you're looking for more information about a cassette toilet check it out.
  • But this also comes with an option for a composting toilet.
  • Starting price for the EXD is around $110,000.
  • If you want it mounted directly onto the frame of your truck
  • add another $25,000 and in any options on top of that.
  • They're actually selling this complete unit here at the show for a $185,000.
  • I think this is an awesome option for those of you looking to go around the world and do expedition trips.
  • Or just go out into the wild where you need 4x4
  • and something that's really gonna get you out there and be comfortable when you arrive
  • Now there is a lot of Technology and thought that goes behind constructing these EarthCruiser vehicles.
  • I don't know everything that there is but we did interview Lance with EarthCruiser.
  • You can check that video out as well.
  • Thank you guys so much for watching.
  • If you want to learn more, head over to weretherussos.com where we have a lot more content
  • and you can learn more about us.
  • Thank you for watching. Bye!

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Full tour of the EarthCruiser EXD, a 4x4 overland truck camper built on a 1 ton Ford truck. Watch Interview with Lance of EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles: /watch?v=Tr24H8OZF9Q

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