THE AVENGERS vs THE US MILITARY - WHO WOULD WIN? (Disney Marvel Avengers Endgame Movie 2019)

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THE AVENGERS vs THE US MILITARY - WHO WOULD WIN? (Disney Marvel Avengers Endgame Movie 2019)
THE AVENGERS vs THE US MILITARY - WHO WOULD WIN? (Disney Marvel Avengers Endgame Movie 2019) thumb THE AVENGERS vs THE US MILITARY - WHO WOULD WIN? (Disney Marvel Avengers Endgame Movie 2019) thumb THE AVENGERS vs THE US MILITARY - WHO WOULD WIN? (Disney Marvel Avengers Endgame Movie 2019) thumb


  • As you know from watching our military-themed shows or just because you follow the news,
  • the USA spends more on defense than any other country by a long, long way.
  • The amount of cash is said to be close to $650 billion, and there is a lot you can do
  • with that kind of money.
  • The arsenal of weapons that the U.S. has is mind-boggling, while we are told that the
  • military has around 1,350,000 active personnel and around 810,000 people in reserves.
  • That’s some number, and then we have special forces included in that number as well as
  • the latest computer technology to fight wars from a distance.
  • Add to that nuclear weapons, and you could say that it isn’t an exaggeration to say
  • the U.S. military is a force to be reckoned with.
  • And then we have the Avengers, who are just a handful of people, but with incredible powers.
  • They are superhuman, so we can say that they stand a chance against the behemoth of the
  • U.S. military.
  • We know that the Avengers were put together under something called The Avengers Initiative,
  • and that was overseen by the intelligence agency S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • We should tell you that in the comics there are so many Avengers if we were to write a
  • show on them all it would last three hours, so we are not including everyone.
  • According to the Avengers fandom website, the main team consists of the following people:
  • We have Tony Stark, aka, Iron Man, who when first approached to join this crack team didn’t
  • seem very interested.
  • He is famous for once saying, “I told you I don't want to join your super-secret boy
  • band.”
  • He joined anyway, and with him we also had a guy called Steve Rogers, aka, Captain America.
  • Add to that the irascible Hulk, aka, Bruce Banner, and the guy with the impressive hammer,
  • Thor Odinson.
  • Other members are Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, James Rhodes/War Machine, Scott Lang/Ant-Man,
  • Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Widow, Rocket Racoon and Nebula.
  • We might also add that in the comics Spiderman is part of the Avengers, but seeing as the
  • movies are more popular than the comics these days, we are not going to include him.
  • Our team is The Avengers you will see on the big screen.
  • Ok, we don’t expect the Avengers to go against the military, but this is a hypothetical show
  • and we just want to try and find out how things would work out if that were to happen.
  • We therefore need to know what kind of powers these people have.
  • This is a long story, but we’ll try and keep it short.
  • Captain America has Superhuman Physiology, meaning he is incredibly intelligent but also
  • has amazing movement, strength, reflexes, perception, and super-fast healing, making
  • him a kind of perfect soldier, a fighting machine.
  • Not only that, as we said, he is super smart, and so when fighting he is a tactical genius.
  • Add to him, Iron Man.
  • This is the clever, but sometimes arrogant man Tony Stark.
  • He can control his suits with his mind, and once he is wearing them as you all know he
  • flies around at high speeds, has incredibly powerful weapons attached to him and an armor
  • that is like nothing else that exists in the real world.
  • He will never give up and he is a genius able to outwit just about anything on planet Earth.
  • The Hulk, as you know, is one of the most powerful beings in the universe.
  • He has superhuman strength, speed, durability and can heal very fast, too.
  • He is a wrecking ball, but with superhuman senses.
  • Thor has similar strength, but then he also has that hammer that he can destroy just about
  • anything with.
  • Although he has problems when certain people have that Infinity Gauntlet on their side.
  • He has powerful armor and also fast healing abilities, but much of the time he relies
  • on his hammer, the Stormbreaker, to do the business.
  • This almost indestructible weapon can withstand just about any kind of blast, and that will
  • go along way when fighting the USA.
  • Black Widow has superhuman intellect and she can also outwit her enemies with ease.
  • She is an amazing fighter, but is also practiced in the arts of deception.
  • You won’t know she’s got you until it’s too late.
  • She is a master tactician, but also said to be one of the most dangerous assassins there
  • is.
  • You can guess by the name that Hawkeye is a master marksmen, but the arrows that he
  • uses are by no means conventional.
  • He can take just about anything out with his bow, so he is kind of a sniper with superpowers.
  • Let’s just say that War Machine is not that dissimilar from Iron Man, but perhaps not
  • as powerful.
  • As for Antman, he might not be much when he is in human form, but when he is small he
  • has superhuman strength and of course has the added bonus of being the size of an ant.
  • He has incredible speed, too, so he is kind of a juggernaut that no one can see.
  • Nebula also moves incredibly fast and has great strength, to add to that she can incinerate
  • humans with those blasters she has tied to her arms.
  • As for Rocket Racoon, he is quite similar in that he likes to blast things out of existence.
  • He is fast and strong, but can also fly better than most when he has a ship of course.
  • He’s no Hulk or Iron Man, but we can imagine he would make short work of a bunch of soldiers
  • on the ground.
  • Who is the strongest Avenger?
  • That’s the million dollar question, but we might think it’s between Thor and Iron
  • Man, with the Hulk perhaps having the best physical strength at times.
  • But in the end he likely wouldn’t be a match for Thor’s hammer and iron Man’s bounty
  • of weapons and his quick mind.
  • Just reading a few articles about this, some people seem to think Thor is the strongest
  • just because he is not only fast and strong like the rest of them, but that Stormbreaker
  • is just a deal-breaker.
  • Again, we must say that the comics have many more characters, but even then in the comics
  • Thor has shown that he can beat any other when he has to.
  • So, what does the USA have in its arsenal?
  • According to Newsweek, the most powerful weapon that the country has is the B83 Nuclear Bomb.
  • This is 80 times more powerful than those bombs dropped on Japan at the end of the second
  • world war.
  • Just one of these could cause untold destruction, but the problem is, when you are fighting
  • a handful of people they might not be much use.
  • Maybe U.S. intelligence is aware of where the Avengers are, but even if that were the
  • case we would think iron Man would likely be aware of any plan to use a bomb.
  • The U.S. military no doubt would have been hacked, or perhaps Antman or Black Widow would
  • have secretly infiltrated the military.
  • Even if a bomb were being close to send-off, it could easily be intercepted by Iron Man,
  • or Thor could just knock it out of the atmosphere with his hammer.
  • At the same time, the U.S. would likely not use one because of all the innocent people
  • that would die and all the destruction that would occur.
  • Even though this bomb, or things such as the Trident II (D5) Missile, are said to be the
  • most destructive available in warfare today, we doubt they would be much good against the
  • Avengers.
  • Now, let’s imagine that the U.S. doesn’t want to cause that kind of damage.
  • What might it do next?
  • Well, there is a thing called the Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) and this can find
  • people hiding out in bunkers and blast them to kingdom come.
  • The air force describes it as a “weapon system designed to accomplish a difficult,
  • complicated mission of reaching and destroying our adversaries' weapons of mass destruction
  • located in well-protected facilities.”
  • So, if the military could find out where the Avengers were hiding no doubt this kind of
  • thing could do some damage to those who don’t have the best healing abilities.
  • But again, we reckon that they just wouldn’t be able to get one off before the Avengers
  • knew about it.
  • Even if it did hit them, most of the Avengers team would survive and then all hell would
  • break loose.
  • We haven’t talked about Avengers attack, just defence.
  • What kind of weapon would the USA have that could stop an angry Hulk from getting right
  • into the Pentagon and just taking out a lot of top generals.
  • The U.S. might have some amazing military aircraft, but it doesn’t have anything that
  • could get out of the way of Thor’s hammer or out of the path of Iron Man.
  • Meanwhile, Antman is busy walking right into the White House and holding the President
  • up by his feet.
  • Operations would just fall apart, and anyone knows that in warfare once you take out all
  • the leaders the whole operation comes apart.
  • On the ground the U.S. military would be its weakest just because the Hulk could tear through
  • tanks while Captain America was busy taking out anyone holding a gun.
  • It would be a massacre on the ground, just as much as it would be a massacre in the air.
  • That’s just our opinion though, and so we went online to see where this question has
  • been asked before.
  • It was asked on Quora, and on one thread the top answer started with saying that the Avengers
  • are by no means, a “bunch of ignorant and unethical superheroes.”
  • So, this person says they would fight and only fight in a way that caused the least
  • destruction.
  • But to cut a long story short, he said pretty much the same as we said.
  • The military wouldn’t have a chance.
  • Another person disagreed, saying that the military would pull out secret weapons.
  • He also said some of the Avengers would likely defect from their group, and that would be
  • a game changer.
  • He kind of cheated, too, saying if there is such thing as the Avengers then there must
  • be such thing as all superheroes and if they joined the military then the Avengers would
  • lose.
  • Another person said that if it was the U.S. that attacked first there would be a possibility
  • of winning.
  • He said that the military would have to get each Avenger when alone, attack only one,
  • because as a team they are undefeatable.
  • He believed that every Avenger has a weakness, especially when they are not in superhero
  • mode, and so each could be carefully taken out.
  • He did admit though that there is a problem with Thor, who doesn’t drop his guard very
  • much.
  • On a different forum someone had a similar answer, stating, “If the Avengers existed
  • for real, you can pretty much guarantee that most governments will have plans cooked up
  • to counter easy and every one of them.
  • Heck, a simple sniper could deal with half of them.”
  • Still, Thor would be a problem, and even if you, say, took out Tony Stark, would not all
  • the others get together pretty fast?
  • We looked at many answers, and most people it seems think the Avengers would win.
  • Some people even said that if Hulk and Thor were in the right, or wrong, frame of mind,
  • they could wipe out humanity if they so choose.
  • Just the two of them.
  • We guess the only thing now is to open this question to you.
  • So, who do you think would win and explain why you think it would go that way.
  • Tell us in the comments.
  • Also, be sure to check out our other video YOU vs THANOS - How could you defeat him Thanks
  • for watching, and as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.
  • See you next time.

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What if we put together all the Avengers from the Disney Marvel Endgame 2019 movie? Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Spider-Man and Ant Man? Now what if they went against the United States government? Who would win? Super heroes have become pop icons in modern culture and are beloved across the globe, but what if you had to fight a super team like the Avengers? In today's educational animated cartoon we pit the Avengers against the US military in a brawl for the ages. Who would win, watch and find out!

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