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Have you been hoarding toilet paper?

If so, you might have a Machiavellian personality.

Find out if you’re a master manipulator by answering 12 simple questions developed by ANU psychology experts.

Machiavellian people show a willingness to manipulate for personal gain and have a worldview that is cynical and untrusting of others.

Take the test: bit.ly/39ANP4t
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How do we have COVID conversations with kids?

"It would be easy for many children to think they might get this virus and they will die," says ANU trauma expert Nicola Palfrey

Children need to know why they are not going to school and why we are so concerned about washing their hands, but it’s important to not share panic, she says.

That’s why she has helped develop a host of resources...
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ANU has finalised our support package for our research community.

Support measures for HDR candidates include:

-Duration of candidature extended by 6 months

-Deferral of commencement and offshore commencement options

-Flexibility changing from full-time to part-time

-Extension of many scholarships by 6 months

Honours and Master thesis work will be supported by remote...
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What does self-care look like in the time of COVID-19?

"Rather than fighting for toilet paper or buying up in panic, we should be considering ourselves as a collective and harnessing this shared experience to unite and find creative ways forward," says ANU Head of Counselling, Andrew Staniforth.

Check out Andrew's practical tips about taking care of your mental health and embracing...
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❗COVID-19 update: Strict house rules for student residences

At ANU residences we have strict house rules to keep everyone safe.

It is absolutely essential that you keep your distance from ANU friends and neighbours living in campus residences with you.

When you take risks, it’s not just your health and theirs that could suffer - it is your families and wider communities.

Every resident...
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The Australian National University
ANU students have been heavily impacted by the response the University has had to make to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To acknowledge and relieve the increased financial pressures, stress and disruption, our Vice-Chancellor has today announced additional support measures, including:

Extra $1M in emergency grant funding
Cancellation of accommodation contracts without financial penalty
New census...

COVID-19 update to students on changes to ANU campus

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The challenges of summer left many of us feeling depleted, and now we're facing the COVID-19 situation from this depleted base.

To assist managing the stress and sense of helplessness you may be feeling, ANU counsellor Gail Frank shares her practical tips.

Learn more about looking after your mental health and the support available:

Practical steps to well-being

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Is COVID-19 going to cause a baby boom or a record divorce rate?

ANU expert Dr Liz Allen says birth rates will likely decline, busting the myth about a baby boom in nine months.

"In a time of uncertainty and fear people don't decide that it's all of a sudden a great time to be having children."

Learn more: bit.ly/2QNVJ45

#COVID19 #covid19sudtralia #coronavirus
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We will still operate as the nation’s university, but not from our campus until at least the end of semester on 27 June.

Our ANU medical experts are clear: to control the spread of COVID-19 we must take tough action to reduce the number of interactions on our campus, and take it now. And that is what we are doing.

From Thursday 26 March...
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Many ANU students live in one of our residential halls or colleges.

With the current teaching pause and increasing travel restrictions, now is the time for these students to consider whether you want to remain on campus or continue with remote study from an alternative place.

Residential halls and colleges will remain open for any resident who wishes to remain living on campus or cannot...
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