The Art of Flaking

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The Art of Flaking
The Art of Flaking thumb The Art of Flaking thumb The Art of Flaking thumb


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  • *anime cough cough*
  • Trap Domic : I'm sick. uwu
  • *Domic intro plays*
  • Flaker.
  • Slang for a person who has proven to be unreliable in following through with plans
  • (often for gatherings or public outings).
  • Can also be used as a verb, to "flake".
  • Abandon plans with little to no notice.
  • Domic : Look, before I talk about flakers,
  • I'm gonna level with you guys.
  • I've been there, okay?
  • As a flake-ee but also as a flake-ER.
  • And you don't want to admit it,
  • But you're probably one yourself.
  • We all have at least that one friend,
  • who just can't seem to commit to plans.
  • Or claims they're so down to hang out.
  • But the moment you invite them to anything,
  • They're suddenly off the grid.
  • It's me.
  • I'm that friend.
  • I have no friends now.
  • There's also the friends who you tried to make plans with,
  • Who give vague answers about their commitment to the plan.
  • Right Domic : Hey, did you eat yet? You wanna get food later with Ben?
  • Left Domic : YEAH
  • Right Domic : Yeah you ate? Or yeah you coming?
  • Narrator Domic : Left on read
  • And then later that night when you're already out...
  • Left Domic : Hey, sorry I had to do some errands with my mom.
  • Right Domic : But I thought she's in China right now.
  • Left Domic : yeah
  • Right Domic : Are you in China right now?
  • Left Domic : yeah
  • Here's a thing with these kinds of flakers.
  • They enjoy the mere fact that they are considered when making plans.
  • It hypes them up because they are being included.
  • They feel their company is desired.
  • And of course feeling like you're wanted is amazing.
  • But they might not necessarily be that excited for the activity at hand.
  • They just like being part of something.
  • Because they know an activity or event is happening,
  • They suffer from "Fear Of Missing Out", or FOMO.
  • So they give a premature agreement to the invitation, without necessarily the actual intent to follow through.
  • "Well, why don't they just say no to begin with?" You might be asking.
  • Because to them, giving a flat-out "no" is too rude.
  • Saying no means you're un-fun and flakers don't want to seem un-fun.
  • They want their invitee to feel like their thought to include said flaker is greatly appreciated!
  • Even if they aren't fully committed to go,
  • they want people to believe that they gave all of their efforts towards trying to be present.
  • But it's a load of bullshit!
  • They'll try to give an excuse that steers the blame away from them and frees them from being accountable.
  • I think I just over-explained the definition of excuse.
  • But they trust that their friends are reasonable and forgiving and wouldn't push for any further explanation.
  • So there usually aren't any consequences.
  • Unless of course, the excuses keep happening.
  • Left Domic: Ugh, sorry, I was up late doing work and I slept in.
  • Right Domic: You're unemployed.
  • Left Domic: Sorry, I just remembered my essay's due tomorrow.
  • Right Domic: You dropped out 2 weeks ago.
  • Left Domic: Sorry, I'm broke.
  • Right Domic: You watched Infinity War in theaters 6 times.
  • White Dude: Sorry, there's two millimeters of snow outside and I don't have winter tires.
  • Domic: Oh yeah, definitely. No worries.
  • Your safety and inability to drive in such a natural disaster excuses you from missing my birthday.
  • I hope you enjoy Infinity War for the seventh time, you son of a bi-
  • And then you have the trump card of many flakers who still live at home.
  • Left Domic: Sorry, my mom said no, sad face.
  • And they know how foolproof this is, because you can't really argue with anyone's mom.
  • Mothers are the ultimate gatekeepers.
  • They are literally your gateway into existence.
  • Flaking has become so easy in this generation because of technology.
  • We can hide behind the safety of a screen and just become ghosts on command, when it benefits us.
  • But the disadvantage here is that if you do decide to flake,
  • You better not be posting on social media about anything else other than lying about sleeping early
  • because you value your health and want a good sleep schedule.
  • [background]: Full of shit!
  • Look, I get it. Sometimes things do come up and you can't make it.
  • Sometimes your excuses are sincere.
  • But you need to be careful when people start catching on.
  • People can see patterns and also your Instagram stories.
  • You can't keep living the "FOMO" life and cry wolf forever.
  • If you really value your relationships.
  • You need to make time for the people you care about.
  • Because they've cared enough for you to take time out of their days.
  • And like I've said before in a past video, time is the most valuable currency we have.
  • It's a one-way transaction and there are no refunds.
  • If you end up wasting people's time, they're gonna stop investing in you.
  • And don't confuse flakers for busy people.
  • Actual busy people will tell you ahead of time or upon being asked that they are unavailable.
  • Dom: Oh cool. Thanks for telling me. Now I know only to reserve five seats instead of six.
  • Flakers will ask you to save a seat for them. and then take a nap.
  • For the rest of the day.
  • Busy people will tell you "Sorry, I have work during the week. Does Saturday work for you?"
  • Flakers will have work all week and then tell you they're free anytime.
  • Busy people will have a New Year's resolution to go to the gym four times a week,
  • But only managed to go twice a week.
  • Flakers will go once using your Guest Pass, and then never get membership.
  • The sad reality with flakers is that you only know them for a short period of time.
  • They can only flake so long until they fully flake-out on their relationships.
  • And what's even more unfortunate, is that they don't realize their behavior
  • and blame their friends for not inviting them to hang out anymore.
  • Don't let it get to that.
  • You're probably flaking on them right now to watch this video and then ten more related videos afterwards.
  • Look, I'll be here when you get back. I can wait. They can't.
  • Go on.
  • He's right, I've been a bad friend.
  • It's time to set things straight!
  • Or gay -- whatever is your norm. I'm not judging.
  • Left Domic : Actually, I'm free now. You guys still going out tonight?
  • Right Domic: It's all good man, since your mom said you couldn't, we invited her instead.
  • Left Domic: [echoing in thoughts] It's me. I'm that friend. I have no friends now...
  • One thing you shouldn't flake on is feeling safe online.
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  • Enjoy!
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