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We love this Tate's family couldn’t be with him, but found a beautiful way to wish him a happy 5th birthday.

People are finding all kinds of ways to connect and share moments, big and small -- from Friday night quarantinis to singing Happy Birthday on video chat. And the results are beautiful.

Happy Birthday, Tate!

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We can all help stop the spread of COVID-19 through our communities. That's why we've changed our network name on iOS to the best thing anyone who isn't providing an essential service can do: #StayHome. If you can, you should.
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Fun fact: there are a lot of little things you can do to get a better Wi-Fi signal. Give them a try

7 tips to improve your Wi-Fi to work from home better

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✔ Supporting small business

We know many small businesses around Australia are feeling the effects of COVID-19 which is why we’ve announced a number of new ways we’re stepping in to help out. tel.st/small-business-support
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If your mobile is connected to the Telstra network, you will receive a text message from us today, about COVID-19. To be clear, this message was issued by the Australian Government – it’s not a message written by Telstra or a scam.

Those on other mobile networks will receive this message from their carrier.
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When trying to place a call on our network, you may have heard a message about congestion.

Due to the growing number of people working from home, we’re seeing congestion impacting 3-4% of calls on our mobile network, with most of the congestion being driven by the high number of calls to Government 13 and 1800 numbers. There is no impact on data usage at this stage.

Working with Optus,...
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Recharge your Telstra Prepaid Service using our 24x7 app today.

Recharge your Telstra Prepaid Service

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Want to get a payment extension? It only takes a second using our 24x7 app.

Request a Payment Extension on your Telstra Service

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Today we’re announcing a series of new initiatives to help support our customers, employees, partners and the broader economy as we all face the impact of COVID-19.

1 We’re pausing late payment fees and disconnections for consumer and small biz customers having difficulties paying their bills until at least the end of April.

2 We’ll be recruiting up to 1,000 new contractors in Australia to...

Getting through COVID-19 together

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Need to pay a bill? It just takes a few taps using our 24x7 app.

View and Pay your Telstra Bill

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