Teen Gives 1-Minute Makeovers To Adults

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Teen Gives 1-Minute Makeovers To Adults
Teen Gives 1-Minute Makeovers To Adults thumb Teen Gives 1-Minute Makeovers To Adults thumb Teen Gives 1-Minute Makeovers To Adults thumb


  • - Oh okay.
  • - Oh no!
  • - Okay, oh my gosh
  • oh my gosh.
  • Hi my name is Victoria
  • I'm 15 years old.
  • Today I'm going to be giving
  • some one minute makeovers to adults.
  • I think I'm actually very into fashion.
  • I really like exploring my own style
  • and every day I wake up
  • and I always ask myself how I wanna dress.
  • I just explore and whatever I see
  • that really fits my personality, I'm drawn to.
  • I just honestly want to ask them
  • exactly what type of look they're going for
  • and what they're most comfortable with
  • because fashion is really important to me
  • but also comfortability is very important to me as well.
  • I just wanna see like something
  • that they're very happy with
  • and something that they could also use in the future.
  • Hi!
  • - Hi I'm Meghan.
  • - I'm Victoria.
  • - Nice to meet you.
  • You smell delicious.
  • - Thank you.
  • How would you describe your style?
  • - Lazy, I guess.
  • Like if I can just put on a big sack that's a dress
  • and then like put on some earrings
  • I'm like oh I styled it.
  • So anything you wanna do accessory-wise
  • to like pump it up I'm super here for.
  • We have a flower choker right here
  • I think I'm gonna use
  • so it's a really nice touch.
  • Okay, make up.
  • We love a good highlight moment
  • so let's
  • - Awesome.
  • - There we go.
  • (laughing)
  • Just to spice up your hair a little
  • we have some barrettes
  • and we have glitter ones
  • we have just like colored ones
  • so what is your favorite color?
  • - Ah purple, there's no purple.
  • - Okay, okay so let's do
  • oh my gosh, oh my gosh
  • okay so let's just do that.
  • Amazing.
  • How much time do we have left?
  • (laughing)
  • - [man] Time.
  • - Okay.
  • So I added a cute little flower choker.
  • I think it just adds a really nice touch.
  • Then just to spice up the short hair
  • to add something a little bit different
  • we have some pink barrettes
  • also match her eye shadow
  • and we also added some amazing glow highlight.
  • - [Meghan] I feel beautiful.
  • I feel even more ready to go out into he world now
  • and I feel like a teen!
  • (laughing)
  • - Hi!
  • - I'm Destinee.
  • - I'm Victoria, nice to meet you.
  • - I love your hair!
  • - Thank you!
  • So how would you describe your style?
  • - Oh I would say definitely very athleisure
  • something super comfortable.
  • I tend to be very subtle
  • like I'll just usually have a stud.
  • I keep my rings.
  • Live with my rings
  • but yeah I don't really go for any big accessories.
  • - That's cool!
  • - I'm always open to anything.
  • - Got it, got it.
  • Okay so I did have this flower choker
  • but you said that you liked athleisure
  • so I'm going with just a plain black choker.
  • I'm just gonna put this on.
  • So I'm just gonna just go for it
  • and just go with the sunglasses.
  • A casual like day out look
  • and you said you liked nude colors
  • so we're just gonna try a barrette just like up here.
  • Let's just like stretch your style.
  • We're going to do a little bit of eye shadow.
  • You said it makes your eyes look small
  • so we're gonna try and see if it will work this time.
  • We're doing a little bit of pink just for a pop of color.
  • - [Man] That is 60 seconds.
  • - Awesome.
  • (laughing)
  • - I love this.
  • I am leaving with it.
  • - You said you liked nude colors
  • so I did a nude barrette and then I added the sunglasses.
  • - She put the choker on and I was like oh okay I like this
  • and then the shades came on and I was like I love this.
  • You're not getting these back
  • Are these yours?
  • - No they're not mine.
  • - Oh yeah you're not getting these back.
  • - Hello nice to meet you.
  • - Hi I'm Victoria.
  • - I'm Swasti.
  • - Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you too.
  • - How would you describe your style?
  • - It's usually like I guess crop tops and leggings.
  • I like bright colors.
  • Sometimes I like black though
  • so it's like just whatever I feel good in.
  • That's really all it is.
  • - So you kind of just like just
  • dip into everything a little bit.
  • - Yeah, it's what I'm feeling.
  • - Okay so you mentioned you liked this.
  • They are making a comeback
  • so I'm just gonna pop this on.
  • - Please.
  • - We're gonna do some eyeshadow.
  • Some pink to match your outfit.
  • Let's go to the barrettes.
  • You said you liked color and pink.
  • I'm actually gonna use these again.
  • Let's go with the black ones
  • just to match your leggings.
  • You look like Sporty Spice.
  • - This is actually fun.
  • - Do you ave earrings on.
  • - I don't.
  • - Oh awesome.
  • Okay so these are some like little gummy bears
  • and they're really adorable.
  • - See you can tell I haven't worn earrings in a long time
  • cause I can't find my own ear holes.
  • - It's okay we don't have to do them.
  • - No they're fun, I love them.
  • I think it's cause I can't see cause of these sunglasses.
  • - Oh okay.
  • - I'll just take them off real quick.
  • Okay there we go, there we go.
  • Cute.
  • Okay, we're done.
  • - Yeah, yeah.
  • - Sorry.
  • - The first thing that I added was the choker
  • because she was saying how they are making a comeback.
  • A lot of people have this choker.
  • We added some, a pop of color with the barrettes
  • and then we have some eyeshadow that I added
  • just some pink eyeshadow.
  • On top of that we have
  • some cute little pink gummy bear earrings.
  • - I love all of it.
  • It's all happening, it's all happening.
  • (laughing)
  • - Hi.
  • - Hi, oh a hug.
  • - How are you?
  • - Good.
  • - How do you accessorize?
  • Do you accessorize a lot?
  • What is your experience with that?
  • - I collect like I'll be like
  • that's glittery, that's shiny,
  • let me put it in this little bin
  • and then I'll also never use it.
  • I'm wasteful.
  • (laughing)
  • And irresponsible.
  • - You mentioned your eyebrows.
  • I'm just gonna
  • this is like a MAC eyebrow gel
  • - We're making them more prominent.
  • - Yes.
  • And some highlighter
  • - Just the feeling of a brush on the face is nice.
  • - You like shiny
  • so we are going to just look at this make up,
  • do some eyeshadow.
  • - Wow I feel so pampered right now.
  • I'm like a princess.
  • - We have some barrettes.
  • We're gonna do silver glitter
  • because you like it shiny.
  • Oh that's really cute!
  • Oh my gosh, okay.
  • Let's do a choker.
  • - Okay.
  • - Just to like,
  • you can like layer necklaces too so that's really cool.
  • - Is that legal?
  • - Yes it is actually.
  • Oh look how cute!
  • - I feel like a baby.
  • (laughing)
  • - I added some eyeshadow, some blush, some highlighter
  • cause she said she really likes shiny things.
  • Speaking of shiny things,
  • I added some silver barrettes
  • which I think was a really nice touch
  • and it really goes with the color scheme of her outfit.
  • - I feel like my name is Stephanie for some reason.
  • - Ohh. - I don't know why but
  • I just feel like a Stephanie right now
  • like someone might call me like Steph.
  • But I think you did a good job.
  • I feel very pampered and honored.
  • - Thank you.
  • I think I did pretty well.
  • I'm glad that I got to get to know everyone beforehand
  • so I could see their personal styes
  • and what they're comfortable with.
  • They also see how teens are dressing
  • and like just the crazy different ways
  • that people are expressing themselves
  • and they really like it too
  • and they wanna be a part of it as well.

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How much can you really change about a look in just one minute? Victoria (A Teen) is here to test that by giving some Buzzfeeders makeovers in just one minute!

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