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Lesson planning can be a stressful experience. Let’s share our thoughts about it here and see if we can make it less of a burden for us all.
Ann :)
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Tiếng Anh Simple
Mustapha Ggaroui
This handbook provides teacher educators in low-resource contexts with the skills and techniques they need to train starter teachers.
It’s free to download here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Ann :)
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Doris Garcia
Noor Aeni
Irina Zuyenok
Ana Calegari
Siti Zubaidah
⭐ A series of fantastic game resources to download, print, and use in class ⭐
They will help students master the use of narrative tenses: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Ann :)
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Shireen Rodrigo
Rejaul Haque
Jose Manuel Chavez Molina
Shirley Denis
Amara Nasr
Larissa Albano takes a really fresh approach to this task-based activity and her aim is to engage learners to the full. It’s suitable for teenage plus learners at intermediate level and above (B1+). Enjoy!
Ann :)

Spice Up Your English Class

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Larissa Albano
This course for parents and practitioners will explore how young children learn English and investigate many more aspects of early childhood learning and development.
✨Find out more and join our #freeonlinecourse: [ Bit.ly Link ]


LearnEnglish Parents - British Council

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Elena Kalinina
Isa Dias
Join Suzanne, Neeraj and Paul tomorrow for a Facebook LIVE session where we'll be talking about planning lessons and courses.
Bring along your questions or if you already have one, post it in the comments below.
Check the time of the LIVE session where you are here: bit.ly/LIVE-session-28January
Ann :)
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Enock Mbenza
Kela Rocha
Nahuel Cayo
⭐ Keep up-to-date with your professional development ⭐
In this section of our TeachingEnglish website you’ll find new ideas on how to make your classes engaging and interesting for students: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Ann :)
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A simple guide to successful and time-efficient lesson planning.
✴ You’ll find more sound advice from Katherine Bilsborough on writing lesson plans here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Ann :)


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Mohamed Aymen
Areej Banat
Ilze Ozoliņa
Shirley Denis
Nelly Maria Samosir
According to this World Economic Forum video, creativity and empathy are qualities that our students will need in their future careers.
How are you preparing your learners for life after school?

This is why creativity and empathy will be as important as AI in the jobs of the future

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Jonathan Taylor Tardif
Hildegard Morales
Eva Galloni