Taking Everything Literally | Anwar Jibawi

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Taking Everything Literally | Anwar Jibawi
Taking Everything Literally | Anwar Jibawi thumb Taking Everything Literally | Anwar Jibawi thumb Taking Everything Literally | Anwar Jibawi thumb


  • [laughter]
  • She is so much taller than he is.
  • [knock on door]
  • Come in.
  • Hey, cousin!
  • Hey
  • Hey man, uh, drop your stuff, make yourself comfortable.
  • No, no, don't take your pants off.
  • You said get comfortable.
  • Not that comfortable. Put 'em back on.
  • All right, guys. This is my cousin, and he takes everything literally.
  • So, just, you know, kinda watch your words, that's all.
  • All right, man. Come on.
  • What's up?
  • The ceiling.
  • Hey, he's got jokes.
  • Guys, he's serious.
  • Dude, just have a seat.
  • I mean, no, um...
  • Sit down right here. Put that down. Thank you. Right here, man.
  • Over here?
  • Yeah, just right there.
  • Cool.
  • The game's on.
  • Do you have any interest in...
  • ...looking at the TV and observing the...
  • ...stickball match with us?
  • That would be lit.
  • That'd be lit?
  • That confuses me.
  • Yo. He's messing with us.
  • Do you know what you just said?
  • Yeah.
  • The pixels on the television will be lit up, so we can see the digital transmission of the stickball match.
  • That would be lit.
  • That's true. Literal and true.
  • So, did you guys hear that Mike Trout is talking to the Dodgers?
  • Shut up.
  • What did you just say?
  • You just tell my cousin to shut up?
  • Do not tell my cousin to shut up.
  • We, it was a figure of speech.
  • Don't tell my cousin to shut up!
  • This is my house, you chill out!
  • I'm not hot!
  • I mean, you're handsome, but yeah, you're not hot.
  • I'm talking about temperature, what is he talking about?
  • Do I feel hot to you? Do I feel hot?
  • You got a strong grip. Damn, son.
  • Dad?
  • Dad.
  • He called me son. Dad!
  • Hey, no. He's not, hey, hey. He's not your dad, okay?
  • And shut up isn't a bad thing, okay?
  • Look at me, all right, and he's not saying chill out because he thinks you're temperature-wise hot, okay?
  • They're just, they're all figures of speech, man. It doesn't mean anything, okay?
  • All right?
  • It's not real?
  • It's nothing bad. It's just, it's just, it's just the way someone says something. It doesn't, it's not serious, man.
  • Let's just, just have a seat, and- No, no, let's sit down.
  • I'm sorry.
  • It's, it's all good, man. It's good, it's just, just relax.
  • Are we good?
  • I'm sorry.
  • I just didn't understand
  • what you're trying to say, and now I do.
  • It's cool. Let's just watch the game.
  • Eleven RBIs.
  • Shut up!
  • There we go, shut up, that's not bad, you got it!
  • Here we go here we go. Home run!
  • Damn, son!
  • That's right! Damn, son!
  • Chill out! Take a seat!
  • That's right. Chill out!
  • Laugh out loud.
  • [phone vibrates]
  • Hello?
  • Guys.
  • Katie's dead.
  • I know right? Damn, son! Katie needs to take a seat and chill out!

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