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It's your last chance. Applications for the Live Más Scholarship close on Jan 23. Apply today. ta.co/apply
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Buy a regular freeze for $1, get a Doritos Locos Tacos for $1. Now that’s what we call Happier Hour.
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We're ready for you, 2020.

3 Commitments Taco Bell Is Making In 2020

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The saga continues... January 30th.
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Big nachos for the big game. Order a Nachos Party Pack, delivered by Grubhub. tacobell.com/party-packs
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Find your chill with our new Electric Blue Raspberry Freeze.

Electric Blue Raspberry Freeze

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Happier Hour just got even better. Grab a Doritos Locos Tacos and a medium drink for just $2.
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The love for The Bell is real.

19 Taco Bell Fan Moments That Made Our 2019

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Back. Stacked. And only $1. Double Stacked Tacos are back with 3 new flavors. [ Tacobell.com Link ]

$1 Double Stacked Tacos

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Charcuterie board who? Spice up your next gathering by recreating our Rolled Chicken Tacos Party Packs holiday wreath.
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