One of the most multicultural countries deserves a wide variety of food. Taco Bell Canada, for a bold south-of-the-border taste north of the border.

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2 Grande Stackers walk into your life.

Comment below what happens next
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Jaime Bishop
Rae Fletcher
Bj Griffin Dusty Sagriff
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Andrew Chamberlain
With layers of beef, cheese, sauce and tortilla folded into a very portable triangle, what would you do for a Classic Grande Stacker?

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Justin Deleau
Alice Haze
Aaron O'Neill
Ryan McGlynn
Alan Lemberg
Are you ready for this?

Layers of beef, cheese, and sauce folded into a warm tortilla; We call it the Grande Stacker. Now available in Classic and Chipotle. [ Tacobell.ca Link ]

Grande Stacker

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Stephanie Da Silva
Evee Hilton
Carolin Spanner
Jord Smit
Megan Derosier
What’s your favourite so far?

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Melissa Hagidiakou
Corinne Morton
Mari-Louise Harpe
L.D. France
Stephanie Da Silva
When is the naked chicken chalupa coming back??????
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We need black beans in Canada!!!
They’re amazing in the states and we only have refried here
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Hey any idea when the Taco Bell in Dartmouth Nova Scotia (in Mic Mac Mall) will be open again? Its been more than a month they’ve been closed. Apparently due missing equipment?? Any insights would be great!
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I requested a response through your website 3 weeks ago regarding how I’m supposed to get my balance on my gift card as the location I go to can’t access the amount and I can only use the remaining balance if I know what it is. Does it typically take more than 3 weeks to answer queries?
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We’re blown away by your support! Your generous donations are keeping your communities warm during the long winter
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Linda Bloodworth
Any update on a timeframe for your delivery launch? Seriously hurry up.
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