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Oct 05, 2018


Tabletop Games
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  • I HATE YOU!!!!!
  • Arianna, give James your $200. You landed on his property.
  • I'm not gonna give money to a criminal. JAMES: That's not how you PLAY!!!!
  • Mommy, why is brother screaming?
  • Shut the f*ck up Sally, You don't get to talk after stealing my LAST RAILROAD!
  • Hi! What you all just witnessed is the phenomenon known as Family Game Night.
  • Family Game Night plays an important role in the household dynamic as studies have shown that
  • families who participate in activities together form closer bonds and stronger relationships with each other.
  • So try setting aside some time to play board games with your family and if they beat you, cut them out of your life forever...
  • Okay, have fun you guys.
  • I.......Like board games
  • I guess any game that doesn't involve me getting up and moving around, I'm a huge fan of
  • also since I'm bad at everything and don't like playing games against someone who's better than me
  • I really love the games that don't require any type of skill like the game chutes and ladders
  • Which I just learned today has another name called Snakes & Ladders
  • I'm going to call it that instead cuz I'd rather draw snakes then Chutes
  • In snakes and ladders you have no free will
  • You're at the mercy of a single dice and I love it
  • while I was looking up walkthroughs for snakes and ladders
  • I quickly learned that this game was made for preschoolers
  • which is probably why it's so simple
  • or how about the game Sorry
  • which is the most unapologetic game I've ever played there's some strategy in that game
  • but most of the time you're just getting revenge on the players who've wronged you and the creators have sorry knew this because the tagline
  • Of the game is "sorry the game of sweet revenge", which if you think about it is a pretty funny oxymoron
  • Aha take this (Piece dies.)
  • Sorry, I know how to play chess but like most things I'm not very good at it,
  • Unless I'm playing against someone under the age of 4,
  • I don't want to play that game because shows everyone how bad I am at planning ahead. That's a game
  • That's a hundred percent strategy based.
  • It's like the IQ test of board games beating someone in chess will put you more ahead
  • Academically than anyone with a Harvard degree and you'll get more babes
  • However, there is one exception and that is it's okay to lose at chess
  • If you're playing against a computer, even if it's on easy mode
  • computers are way better at planning ahead than anyone because I don't know how but a
  • Human made a computer that can beat the world's best chess player.
  • But the creator of the computer can't beat the world's best chess player... So I guess that means...
  • It's game over, we tried our best but we've peaked. whenever you beat a computer in chess. It was going easy on you
  • Imagine if we made a computer that could beat the world's best snakes and ladders player
  • I would pay money to see a snakes and ladders championship
  • everyone watching knows that the person playing is just some Joe Schmo that acts like the world's best snakes and ladders player
  • But they're all still excited and there's real snakes that you get to slide down. That would be amazing
  • Sign me up.*laughs* While we're on the topic of chess. I want to tell you about this cool sport
  • I discovered called chess boxing. This is an actual competitive sport where two players play chess for three minutes
  • then box each other for three minutes, and they keep switching between chess and boxing until someone either gets a checkmate they run out of
  • Time playing chess or they K.O the other player.
  • I love this sport because it combines two polar opposite games and it's something that anyone can play brains over brawn
  • Try saying that after I sucker punch you in the oh that was that was a good move
  • I'm gonna punch you so hard in the balls for that.
  • I know I just said I was bad at chess
  • But if there's any youtubers who want to challenge me to a chess boxing match,
  • I will gladly take you to the ring and we can charge people 12 dollars just to watch.
  • *and we can end it in a draw, you know so that way you won't look bad in front of your fans*
  • So battleship that's another board game and it also got a big Hollywood movie based off of it
  • I haven't seen it. But I hope there's a scene where the captain of the ship goes "men, fire at D6"
  • and then there's an explosion in the distance and then Rihanna who is actually in that movie says sir
  • the aliens sent a message it says
  • Miss... the captain goes, "Hmm"
  • Someone write that down so we don't forget and then there would be an explosion at the back of their ship an alarm start going off
  • everyone on board starts freaking out except for the captain. He goes Rihanna send the aliens a message. Tell them
  • Hit. also ask him if they think the situation make a good board game.
  • And if that scene is not in the movie, I hate it
  • Did anyone else collect a bunch of pokemon cards, but never knew how to play the game?
  • I don't think I met a single person who actually knew how to play the card game which was weird because in my school the
  • Card game was just as popular as the video games kids would always show off their collection of cards and binders and everyone always wanted
  • The highly coveted shiny Charizard card,(buy it on amazon or Ebay) you know which one I'm talking about, You know which one I'm talking about,
  • *In dumb voice* You know which one I'm talking about. unlike yu gi oh
  • Which had dedicated?
  • Episodes explaining why these five pieces of cardboard were expensive the shiny Charizard was rare not because it was good in the game
  • But because everyone agreed that it looked cool, but then when you ask someone hey, do you want to play a game?
  • They would say okay. I summon my Charizard in
  • Attack mode does anyone even know how to play the Pokemon card game? I bet none of these guys even know what they're doing
  • How'd this guy win?
  • He didn't even call uno/one.
  • I can't be too hard on the Pokemon cards because the card game I like is probably way more complicated than Pokemon
  • I don't know for sure because like I said, I don't know how to play the Pokemon card game, but my favorite card game is,
  • Neopets. I'm just kidding, That was a joke
  • Kind of I did actually own a lot of Neo pet cards. I don't remember exactly how to play I do
  • Remember you have to get 21 points to win which got me into playing blackjack
  • But it's okay that I don't remember how to play because no one else is playing this game
  • I wanted to find some footage of a neo pet tgc championship only to come to the disappointing realization that no Neopets championship exists
  • Which is sad, so if there's any youtubers watching and want to find my score chioce square up, okay?
  • But for real the card game
  • I like the most is Magic the Gathering, and fun little factoids all three card games
  • I've mentioned were created by the same company Wizards of the coast. Hey, is that a monopoly reference?
  • I've been playing magic since 2007 and back then the game was a lot more simple.
  • Look at some of these more recent cards first. See how many words are on them,
  • And if we flip them over they merge into an even bigger card
  • What if you showed these cards to my 11 year old self? I would have lost my marbles
  • My favorite thing about magic is when Richard Garfield, I mean dick Garfield was first creating the game in 1993
  • he didn't really have an accurate way of testing the cards to make sure they're all fair and balanced and
  • Ended up creating some of the most overpowered cards and magic and players today. Refer to these cards as the power 9
  • Because there were nine really good ones, which is why every single one of them is banned. now
  • Don't get me wrong
  • The power nine are good cards, but none of them are like you in the game good. take this one. For example
  • Ancestral recall all it says is draw three cards or force opponent to draw three cards...
  • Which is stupid that they added that last part. Why would you ever give your opponent three more cards to beat you with? Now
  • I know what you're thinking. Wait a slightly better pot of greed
  • which is a card that allows me to draw two new cards from my deck and place them into my hand is one of the
  • top nine most powerful magic cards
  • Yeah pot of greed is banned too. games play such an important role in childhood
  • And here's what they all teach us in magic if you're really good at what you do
  • No, one will invite you to their tournament monopoly white-collar crime is okay battleship
  • Just guess and check snakes and ladders
  • If you see a ladder climb it immediately... and no one cares about Neopets now if you excuse me
  • I have to show this prison guard my coupon. I have that lets me get out of jail anytime. I like
  • And when all is said and done
  • I thought to myself
  • What can I do to help strengthen this weekly tradition of family game night?
  • so I
  • Decided to create my own game based off one of the most scarring events of my childhood many of you might recall the traumatic
  • Experience my sister and I had with Harry the moth and to help me cope
  • I decided to immortalize this memory by turning it into a card game
  • Introducing can't catch Harry. I let my Twitter followers decide on the name and they went with this one. So good job guys
  • Here's a sneak peak of some of the cards
  • I spent a lot of time working on this game, and I know you're gonna like it,
  • We've got a lot of recognizable characters like mr. Poe a https://www.fast-growing-trees.com/images/P/Live-Oak-Tree-450w.jpg
  • mom
  • Satan and
  • Sandwich artist. We're launching the game on Kickstarter today
  • So check out the link in the description to get yourself a copy
  • we have different reward tiers like
  • holographic cards golden figurines and even a custom-made card if you're into that the reward tiers are only gonna be available for 30 days and
  • Given my upload schedule. I don't know if we'll be able to tell you that again.
  • So I'll post updates on my Twitter and Instagram. That's right. I got an Instagram
  • I'm trying to tell you that to follow me on Instagram. Thanks for watching
  • And that's how we're gonna segue into the end card. (subtitles by Ragecat568.)
  • Also che mentioned the streamys as I mentioned I said, hey man, I'm at the street or not at the street
  • I got nominated for streaming. They didn't ask they didn't say
  • Hey, do you want to be do you want to have to go to this award show?
  • They just emailed me and said guess what we nominated you and I'm just like I didn't ask for this so
  • Yeah, that's that's a thing that happened. I'm probably gonna get 0 videos out before then actually
  • I have to get a Halloween one out. So maybe I can get a Halloween video out before the streamys
  • we'll see but
  • You know, it's I don't show my face off. What am I doing? I've never played 52 card pick them up there
  • Have you ever done that?
  • Now pick them up
  • Thanks, thanks for watching the video wear your seatbelt by the way. (Tweaked by Xman230 :D)

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