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I was standing on the wall
Feeling ten feet tall
: Greg Watermann
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BTS. #SOAD2020 | : Clemente Ruiz, Ralf Velazquez
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System Of A Down posted on Jan 09, 2020

Daron Malakian

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#SOAD2020 on the horizon. SystemOfADown.com
: Greg Watermann
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Europe 2017. Which show are you coming out to in 2020? Systemofadown.com. : Greg Watermann
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2011 rehearsals in LA. Stream the setlist on Spotify: bit.ly/soad2011setlist

: Greg Watermann
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‪Photo recreation by #harjakato (IG).‬

System Of A Down님이 게시한 사진

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Belgium – We’re headlining Rock Werchter on 5th July. Tickets available this Friday, 6th Dec. at systemofadown.com. #RW20
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Cyber Monday begins now: store.systemofadown.com

Cyber Monday

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The SOAD Winter collection and holiday deals are now live at store.systemofadown.com.

SOAD Winter 2019 Collection

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