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This whole journey has been about showing my truth - as a mother, a daughter, a wife and an athlete. I want to show you that being vulnerable can inspire you rather than frighten you because getting you here was so much different than your brother. Carrying a child is different after suffering a loss. I cried a lot for you. Wondering if I was doing the right things. When you came out you...

The Birth

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Roux’s shoe game was always going to be strong.


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Roux James our sweet girl came into the world kicking and screaming (just like her parents) at 3:42 am. Welcome to the world baby girl.
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Loved getting to celebrate baby girl with my teammates and friends. She doesn’t know it yet but she’s going to have some pretty amazing women in her life. ❤ -

The Baby Shower

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My journey is unique. Every decision I have made has controlled my path to success throughout my soccer career. Wells Fargo is giving me a platform to share that journey with you all, and I'm excited to tell my story. #ControlTheGame #ad

WF 2

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My mom said if my daughter is anything like I was, we won’t be having anymore kids... ‍♀ -


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Sorry, Dom Dwyer, I had a whole lotta baggage. ‍♀

Watch Episode 3 of "Bad As a Mother" now.

Meet the Dwyers

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My superstitions and routines allow me to be the best version of myself on gameday. I’m teaming up with Wells Fargo to show you how I control the game on the pitch. How do you control yours? #ControlTheGame #ad

WF Control The Game

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Pool days. ☀
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Impatiently waiting. Dom Dwyer

รูปภาพจากโพสต์ของ Sydney Leroux

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