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Jun 03, 2019


SuperRaeDizzle - Draw My Life
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  • Hey everybody! It's Rae here and welcome to my 1 million subscriber Draw my Life special,
  • which, thank you by the way, for 1 million subscribers. It has been an absolute honor and I want to say sorry
  • to all my friends and family who I did not include in this.
  • I wish I'd include every single one of you but sadly we're on a time crunch,
  • I'm old, you know, we got a lot of stuff to go over. So I guess we'll start from the beginning.
  • My story begins in July,
  • 1993 in a very small desert town in the middle of nowhere,
  • Roswell, New Mexico. You might have heard of it, it's famous for an alien crash that happened in the 40s.
  • So I was born as the baby, as the youngest - to the two greatest parents that I could LIT-ER-ALLY
  • ever ask for, they have saved my butt
  • BILLIONS of times, and I have two of the coolest, most intelligent brothers who I love, and I love my whole entire family
  • so so so so much.
  • Now growing up, I guess you could say like in school, I was kind of like a weird kid, kind of a loner kid.
  • I mean I definitely was considered not a cool kid. Just look at me. *quack sound effect*
  • But it didn't really matter because back home I had so much fun. My brothers and I, we'd play PlayStation and Nintendo,
  • we'd eat pizza, watch movies. And even though they're 8 and 10 years older than me
  • they never made me feel that way. And of course I started doing art to pass the time and I
  • loved it, I instantly fell in love with it.
  • Now my parents ended up getting a divorce when I was nine
  • and you know, I kind of understood, you know, sometimes people just don't work out, and they love me regardless.
  • Now eventually my mom remarried and my family grew and
  • I got sisters, a new stepbrother and I even became an aunt thanks to the new marriage.
  • Now on to my teen years and this is where, how should I put this? Things get interesting.
  • I got hella emo. I did not give two craps about school. I became super rebellious,
  • I only cared about my friends, who are still my friends to this day, shout-out to you guys, you know who you are, and
  • truly the only thing that I cared about and poured my heart and soul into
  • was artwork. I started taking it seriously, and I could just not get enough of it. Oh
  • yeah, and I also started to mess around with this fairly new website called YouTube and I started making videos from my laptop and
  • boy, they were cringy.
  • Hoo Hoo-ooo
  • Ugh... *laughs*
  • Yikes.
  • After I graduated high school I decided to roll in one year of business school.
  • And I literally did not even last a semester. I hated it so much and I, even though I knew it was risky,
  • I decided I only have one life to live and I'm gonna pursue my art and I'm gonna make it happen
  • no matter what. So I enrolled at Eastern New Mexico University to get my art degree and
  • during college my parents weren't able to help me pay for school so I worked my butt off.
  • I spent many nights scrubbing toilets, cleaning up vomit, dealing with drunk people;
  • I had many many sleepless nights where I'd be working my other job that would require me to stay up all night long,
  • sleep for maybe an hour or two, wake up, go to school, come back and start working again, and it was hard work,
  • you know, I'm not gonna lie and then, to try to keep up your grades.
  • But I worked really hard for what little coin I had and one of my personal accomplishments
  • is that when I graduated I managed to graduate 100%
  • debt-free.
  • During college I was in a very
  • neglectful and borderline abusive relationship and I was gonna dedicate a whole section to all the hardships that I went through,
  • emotional and physical dating this guy, but you know, he's not even worth the time of day.
  • So I'm gonna sum him up with a quote his sister once told me but I'm gonna switch it up about him.
  • He means nothing to me.
  • He's just a boy. And
  • soon he'll be forgotten and that's all I have to say about that.
  • And you know, later in life I ended up meeting this wonderful guy,
  • he's probably the only person I have ever met that is like him and he's the only person that I can truly
  • 100% be myself around and you guys might know him,
  • he's made a cameo on my channel before, Zach Nye the Science Guy! And you'll see why I call him that later.
  • Now with school ending in about two months I was freaking out because I had no jobs lined up,
  • I had no way to make money and I was in full-on panic mode.
  • So the only thing that I was good at, well kind of good at was making artwork.
  • So I decided to turn my little tiny following on Instagram to a 100% art Instagram and
  • one night in
  • 2016 I made a super ghetto makeshift
  • art setup area. I literally got a table from Ikea that my brother handed me down,
  • I got two chairs, smushed 'em together, I duct-taped my camera onto a broom and I made my very
  • first YouTube art video. And you might know that video as the "Do's and Don'ts of Drawing an Eye."
  • Hey guys, welcome to my first drawing video.
  • So today I'm going to be sharing with you my top tips to getting a more realistic eye.
  • And to my surprise that video ended up getting 1 million views which was, of course it took a while, but that was like
  • monumental to me cause that to me, that said that I could keep doing this.
  • Now after college my life became an absolute
  • disaster. The only job I was able to get fresh out of college was a minimum-wage job
  • and anybody who has ever worked minimum wage will tell you there is just no way you can support yourself on
  • minimum wage.
  • Now I was living in another town away from my family, and the only way I was able to stay afloat
  • was my previous savings for my other jobs,
  • and just to give you guys an idea of how
  • tight money was, I took Zach and I to get $1 bean burritos from Taco Bell;
  • when we got to the counter, he asked if he could add 40 cent potatoes to the burrito and uh,
  • I had to tell him no, I just don't have that kind of money right now. I'm already going over budget,
  • you can't add the potatoes, and
  • around this time I had no Wi-Fi so a lot of my early art videos,
  • I would head over to the Public Library and I would use their free Wi-Fi to
  • upload my videos and you know, promote myself on Instagram and
  • at the time I truly felt that I was working for my life.
  • It's either work hard or just be stuck like this forever. And I just knew if I worked hard that maybe someday,
  • someday I would get the benefits.
  • But you know, when it rains it freakin pours. Now,
  • I was working at Big 5 for about five, six months at this point and I got fired from my job for something
  • I didn't do. A manager threw me under the bus and I got fired and
  • as you can imagine, money was already so incredibly tight and *sighs deeply*
  • there goes my income and, how am I gonna stay afloat now? And it was so incredibly stressful
  • because I had no choice. I didn't know what I was gonna be able to do.
  • I didn't know how, how money was gonna be made and uh,
  • it just so happened that that same week that I got fired
  • that my very first Adsense YouTube check came in which was an absolute miracle!
  • And I still remember, it was
  • $400 and at the time, that was like life-changing money
  • like, it could not have came in at a better time than on that same week that I got fired,
  • talk about an absolute miracle. And
  • from there everything started turning ok again, I
  • started focusing all my time on my YouTube channel. I was always filming ideas, thinking of ideas,
  • doing voiceovers, I was working on my Instagram. I was finally,
  • finally getting some money from my YouTube channel and you know, my channel grew and eventually I had got to the point where I hit
  • 100,000 subscribers which was such a monumental moment in my life and everything was going ok,
  • uh, until it wasn't.
  • Um ... *sighs* around this time, I...
  • lost my brother.
  • *sobbing* And I can't even describe the kind of pain that I go through every single day.
  • I love him so so much and I miss him every single day and, I
  • don't want to talk about it, and I'm not going into detail and I'll talk about it when I'm ready.
  • It was also around this exact same time that my stepdad was dealing with some very
  • bad health problems with his lungs and
  • he was very very sick, in and out of hospitals, and my mom, she was needing a
  • hip surgery, double hip surgery, which made it hard to walk before the surgery and after the surgery
  • and,
  • it was hard to take care of them and you know, mourn, and
  • to make matters worse I started sleeping up to 18 hours a day. I
  • was having trouble seeing, I was having trouble remembering things,
  • my whole body was swelling up. It felt like I had the worst flu of my life and
  • it turns out that I had a thyroid problem.
  • Which if you don't know, thyroid
  • basically controls everything in your body. There's literally a list of 300 symptoms that you can get with thyroid problems and
  • with thyroid medication, it's not just like one pill and you're good,
  • it takes months and months and months for your hormones to get regulated if you can find the right
  • dosage.
  • And going through all this was by far the hardest point in my life and
  • after months of just mourning, emotional pain, physical pain, stress,
  • I got the first good news in a long long time and
  • that good news was that my boyfriend Zach ended up getting a really awesome job in a nearby town
  • and I moved to the nearby town,
  • I got my very first art studio and it just so happens that the town that he got a job in,
  • some of my two best friends
  • happen to live in this town and I am so thankful that they're here.
  • And this brings us to the year
  • 2019 which has been one of the best years of my life so far. I got to travel alone for the first time,
  • I went to Florida, California,
  • I went to Playlist Live. I'm gonna go to VidCon, and I got to meet not just YouTubers
  • but people I consider my friends. And on May 22nd
  • 2019, my YouTube channel hit the milestone of 1 million subscribers, baby! And
  • I'm not gonna lie, it's been a tough, tough road but honestly,
  • I'm glad I got to experience this thing called life and I'm glad that you guys are here with me every step of the way.
  • Thank you guys so much again for watching and I will see you next video, bye.
  • *Sad music*

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