Styling Tips Every Woman Needs To Know | TOPS

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May 03, 2019


Styling Tips Every Woman Needs To Know | TOPS
Styling Tips Every Woman Needs To Know | TOPS thumb Styling Tips Every Woman Needs To Know | TOPS thumb Styling Tips Every Woman Needs To Know | TOPS thumb


  • try these styling tips to look instantly slimmer plus you're going to look taller
  • more shapely and you're going to be so so happy with yourself hi I'm Schellea
  • this is fabulous 50s and I'm really excited to share with you these awesome
  • tips and you're going to learn exactly how to make a top the top half of you
  • look amazing today I'm here with my beautiful model
  • Kerri and Kerri's got a different body type to me and it may be similar to
  • yours I'm going to show you today some tricks that I use with Kerri to go from
  • this kind of boxy looking outfit and into something that flatters her body
  • type a hundred times more and I thought today the best way to demonstrate is to
  • show you on a couple of tops for Kerri and I'm going to cut them and tweak them
  • in a way so that when you go shopping you'll know exactly what to look for
  • when you have Kerri's body type okay the first thing we're going to say about
  • this top here is that her width across here is the same as her width across
  • here and with her boobs everything's kind of straight up and down and I'll
  • start with the bottom one strong we'll start at the bottom
  • Kerri's thighs here are the widest part of her legs and if she has her top
  • finishing in a straight line on the widest part of her legs it's going to
  • make her look bigger and more boxy and we're trying to avoid that so the first
  • thing you do is you don't stop here and we're going to slightly raise Kerri's
  • top here and give it a curved bottom
  • I've just pinned it up a little bit here to give a curved bottom and if you've
  • got an old top at home you can cut this line on your tops just to see the
  • difference so if you're wide here never have a straight line going across create
  • a curve and it will absolutely elongate your body and make you look taller and
  • slimmer another tip is if you've got a rounded belly at all if you wear a
  • straight line it doesn't match so a rounded tummy works much better with a
  • rounded hem and I've got a rounded hem on mine as well because I don't like
  • anything straight sitting across here and it's also very aging so this is a
  • really good tip get your scissors out and have a play with the ones you've got
  • at home Kerri's shoulders and everything here it just looks very boxy because of
  • the neckline and because of the sleeve line and also the length of the sleeves
  • these sleeves on carry is kind of taking the size of her boobs to the size of her
  • arms and giving it that width because there's no definition so the goal is if
  • you have this kind of shape is to trick the eye into believing that you have a
  • different shape and if we have a cut in Kerri's sleeves like this one is and you
  • bring it in like this straight away you see this part of skin which is giving
  • you the illusion that Kerri's arm is longer and slimmer and it's kind of just
  • making everything suit her body shape so much nicer and also the sleeves are too
  • long so if Kerri just takes it to the thinnest part of her arm which is her
  • wrist so straightaway here you're seeing the beautiful wrist and the arm and it's
  • lengthening now what else we could do here with Kerri's neckline is because
  • she is larger up top wearing a neckline like this makes her look even larger
  • because it's making her neck shorter so as we start pulling her neckline down
  • the eyes going down so it's making her look taller and slimmer plus the eyes
  • going down on her arms as well and we're seeing this beautiful part of her wrist
  • and just getting a curve around her legs and this outfit on Kerri is so much more
  • flattering than how she started take a pair of scissors to an old t-shirt that
  • you have and make these changes to it so that you can really see on yourself
  • the difference it makes and it's a huge difference and then you can take a photo
  • of yourself and when you go shopping you're going to know the exact tricks to
  • look for when you're buying a piece of clothing and even if it doesn't look
  • great when you try it on you can just do little things to it to look completely
  • different so start by cutting a little bit at a time and then putting it under
  • look at yourself and then go a little bit deeper and then look at that and
  • just see what makes that look so much better that looks so much better so
  • Kerry would like to go more she says more more more and like look at that
  • like that looks so beautiful on Kerry it does and look if you're going to work or
  • something like that that's perfect and now Kerry doesn't look boxy or bricky at
  • all she looks elegant and beautiful and more
  • flattering
  • and now you can see her curves you can see everything as it's meant to be
  • so now we've gone down a little bit because Kari likes to show a bit of
  • cleavage which is great and look at that
  • like how good is that and if you have Kerri's body shape you can get a pair of
  • scissors out play with it but this is what you need to look for when you go
  • shopping so and you want to take away the box
  • bring it in curve it strip down the arms and you're going to look amazing I'm
  • going to show you another look on Kerri and we're going to cut that up too so
  • you know what to do here's another really great example on Kerri so she's
  • got this top on which if you've got this kind of body shape it's not going to
  • flatter you at all because it's got a high neckline and it makes Kerri's neck
  • look shorter and it's accentuating the wide area here it's also got a straight
  • line here so all of these things on this top is not great if you had this body
  • shape but let's get the scissors out and we'll do the same thing again so you can
  • get a little bit more understanding of what you can do at home you start off
  • doing a little bit and you can see the comparison and then and a little bit
  • more if you want to go to work and just wear it out and about or you can cut all
  • the way down and what this is doing is lengthening her body and making her look
  • taller and you can see the area down here is a lot longer and it's made her
  • look slimmer so that's fantastic this top here has ruching in the sleeves so
  • if you have this kind of body shape it's really good to get this kind of thing or
  • you can sew a little bit of ruching in yourself if you've got tops like this
  • okay so look how nice that looks it's slimmed her arm down so much compared to
  • this arm because we've got skin going down to hand nice small wrist and this
  • is a point if you can notice so the illusion is that her arm is longer and
  • slimmer than what it is if her sleeve was here you're going to notice that the
  • wideness just extends and makes her look bigger I'll show you on this arm as well so
  • can you see having her sleeves that this length is actually drawing attention to
  • the width but when we do this on both sleeves like how much better does that
  • look because it's so lengthening her arms look very long and we're not having
  • focus here with the focus the eye goes straight to the wrist and then of course
  • the other thing I would do is take away the straight
  • Line which is just your eyes going bang to Kerri's thighs with added a bit of
  • softness we've curved this I've just pinned it up but if you're at home can
  • get some scissors and cut up a few t-shirts to get a really good
  • understanding of how this will work on your body but curving makes you look
  • longer it makes you look slimmer it takes the boxiness
  • out of an outfit and we're not drawing any attention to the widest parts and
  • just for everything to work a little bit better we can put a long neck piece on
  • Kerri and that's going to bring the eye again down and the black will go with
  • the black jeans and can you see how it just lengthens her body
  • we're going to show you one more t-shirt with a curved bottom and a V and I'll
  • show you a few more tweaks okay this t-shirt has a v-neck and it has a
  • curve but it still doesn't give Kerri the best results for her body shape she
  • can tweak this a little bit and so can you and I'm going to just show a few
  • things that we can do that will make this look more slimming on Kerri and
  • yeah because it looks Sacky just to let you know if you wear your neckline like
  • this like a wider neckline or a boatneck it's actually gonna make you look wider
  • so even though we're showing skin it's kind of adding to the width in this area
  • so we'll keep that like that Kerri's sleeves are at the wrong place
  • for her body type never have your hem stop at the widest part of your body so
  • what we're going to do is I'm just going to cut a little bit of fabric from the
  • bottom of this okay we stole some fabric you know if you're going to do
  • this you must be prepared to throw it out when you're finished with it okay
  • check this out pin a bit of fabric onto your arm like this so we've taken the
  • emphasis off the wider part and then start hemming on yourself to the
  • smallest part of your arm and for Kerri that could either be her elbow where her
  • arm comes in that's her small part and then we've got a nice wrist as well so
  • this is wide and this is wide but this is narrow so we can go here at the
  • narrow part of her elbow now that we've got Kerri's arms lengthened which look
  • great what we can do is this is still looking
  • a bit boxy and part of the reason is the neck is too wide and the other part of the
  • reason is it's just falling down from her boobs take this
  • part here the smallest part on the body for most people with for Kerri this is
  • true this is her smallest part so when you bring that in you can see some
  • definition and that's really nice grab it grab the fabric like this so you're
  • going to tie that there and then this is just for you to practice at home so you
  • know what to look for but then that's given Kerri some more definition and
  • having this is giving her length and it's just flowing straight over her
  • belly and it just looks so much nicer on every level that looks really good and
  • the only other thing that I would say with this top is to for Kerri's body
  • anyway is to come in a little bit so the V is more long than wide and this is
  • just if you want to get creative reduce the width here and make it longer by
  • adding a little bit more fabric just to the neckline and it'll give you an idea
  • of what suits your body most perfectly so see how tweaking that tiny little bit
  • of detail makes a huge difference to Kerri's chest and because she likes to
  • go a little bit further with the cleavage now if she goes down a bit
  • deeper you can see I'll pin that okay this is messy because we're just pinning
  • and cutting and that's what you'll be doing to to give you a really good idea
  • but see what a difference that makes and you can also tweak the width of this and
  • just get the perfect perfect perfect look for you and no matter what body
  • type you have you can work with it to create magic I really hope this was
  • useful to you I hope if you have a similar body type to Kerri that you
  • learnt some tips and tricks today and thank you so much for doing this for all
  • the ladies who have got your body shape thank you so much for watching please
  • give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and share it with your friends
  • thank you so much for watching and have a beautiful day

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