Stuff Nobody Says

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Stuff Nobody Says
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  • Today's video is sponsored by Bulldog: Skincare for men. Click the link in the description and use my promo code "drewgooden20"
  • for 20 percent off your order.
  • Hey guy, welcome back to youtube.com, a website that will forever be my proudest creation.
  • Now, a lot of people don't realize this but as the CEO and founder of YouTube
  • It's my job to personally watch every single video
  • that gets uploaded to this website (to make sure they're all good).
  • Is it time-consuming?
  • Absolutely, but do I love doing it?
  • Absolutely not. It's such a chore.
  • Around six or seven years ago
  • I remember this popular trend going around called "Things Say"
  • and because it was popular, pretty much everyone started doing it
  • Even though it essentially just boiled down to
  • LeT's Go ShOpPiNg
  • sPoRt
  • But then luckily in the midst of all of that nonsense
  • There was a channel called "Tripp and Tyler" that came out with a video called "Shit Nobody Says"
  • "I miss faxing"
  • "I'm hoping he asks me to help him move"
  • "TLI"
  • "Touch the screen"
  • And I remember being like eighteen and seeing this and thinking, "This is comedy."
  • "This is hilarious to me"
  • "And if I had my own YouTube channel, I would make my own version of it."
  • And while it may have taken me almost seven years, but I finally did
  • That's what I'm saying. They need to reboot every movie.
  • You know, what would make this show better? A laugh track.
  • I feel like everyone's a good driver.
  • Oh, that's a good life hack.
  • We've got the best upstairs neighbors!
  • My favorite part is the stick.
  • Does anyone need to borrow some money?
  • Pop music just keeps getting better.
  • There's not enough commercials
  • There's not enough apps.
  • This line is too short.
  • I hope I get sued.
  • Mmm, this taxi smells delightful.
  • *long sigh* I miss jail.
  • Hey, sorry I'm early.
  • Want to listen to some cassettes?
  • What do you mean you're lowering our rent?
  • I can never seem to use all my data.
  • I can't wait to go Christmas shopping.
  • Fine. I'm just gonna say it.
  • I wish we had bedbugs.
  • *chanting* Taxes, taxes.
  • Dude. I just had the best panic attack.
  • I hope this place has mosquitoes.
  • I just don't think there's enough late-night talk shows.
  • Can I sit in the trunk?
  • I wish there was more sand.
  • Sorry, I know you're driving right now, but could you finish that text?
  • If it was up to me, I'd wet the bed every night.
  • Can you tell me about your dream?
  • I miss middle school.
  • No, it's my turn to take out the trash!
  • Mmmm, my coffee got cold.
  • Oh, one second. I just gotta put this on my facebook story. (pfft)
  • *chanting again* Traffic, traffic.
  • It's not humid enough.
  • I miss puberty.
  • Anyone know a good place to get germs?
  • I'll probably just leave the oven on until we have to use it again.
  • Okay good, I was worried I put deodorant on.
  • My perfect first date?
  • Well, we'd start off at the dentist.
  • Today was the perfect day for jury duty.
  • Mmm, did someone fart?
  • *clapping*
  • Nice now, I can finally check that off my bucket list.
  • Um, guys, so I know this video was a little bit shorter than usual and definitely pretty different, but don't worry.
  • It's not entirely different because I'm - you guessed it - doing a brand deal.
  • I get bombarded with questions all the time in my comments -
  • "Drew, when are you gonna drop your skincare routine?"
  • And today is the day and my skincare routine is that I sometimes wash my face.
  • Skincare is very important,
  • but for a long time I didn't take it seriously at all.
  • I think a lot of guys don't.
  • Part of the reason for that might be that marketing for most men's products is
  • so just not in line with the way a lot of men think.
  • I feel like they always tend to target a very stereotypical
  • definition of what a man is like, like it's always this absurd figure of masculinity yelling at you to buy a shampoo
  • Because that what man do.
  • Big strong man like you need put this on face.
  • But not all guys are like that some of us happen to be...
  • Adult boys and that's fine too.
  • I can be scrawny and still own tool.
  • And that's part of the reason
  • I love today's sponsor Bulldog. I've been using their face wash for a couple months now, and I actually really like it.
  • I love the way it smells,
  • I love how soft it makes my skin feel,
  • and my wife happens to like it as well. Ain't that right, Amanda?
  • *100% not Amanda* "Boy, oh boy, I sure do. I love your face when you use Bulldog."
  • She's standing just outside of frame. That's why you can't see her.
  • But she said it.
  • But anyway, Bulldog's great because they're very careful about what ingredients they put in all their products
  • Their products have great natural ingredients like aloe vera, camelina oil. They don't just make moisturizer and face wash.
  • They also sell deodorant, shaving cream,
  • beard balm, which I use religiously every single day.
  • They're vegan friendly; they're cruelty free. Both those things are good.
  • They never use synthetic fragrances or artificial colors, which are terrible for your skin.
  • So whether you got sensitive-ass skin like me or maybe more oil prone skin,
  • all their products are specially formulated to help you look and feel your best.
  • Come on, you deserve this.
  • Go to bulldogskincare.com and use my promo code "drewgooden20" to get 20% off your order.
  • Thank you so much to Bulldog for sponsoring today's video.
  • I guess Bulldog really is man's best friend, right?
  • (Cause it's a dog)
  • Thank you so much for watching, that's gonna do it for today's video guy, but don't worry I'll be back very soon
  • with some more
  • Standard Drew Gooden Content.
  • I know this one was a little different, but it's just fun to mix things up from time to time.
  • Otherwise, I'll go crazy doing the same thing forever.
  • Don't forget to comment down below something
  • you've never said and be sure to tune in next week where I will be doing exactly one jumping jack and then falling asleep.
  • So see you next time.
  • I'm not really a big food guy.
  • My favorite song right now?
  • Probably the national anthem.
  • Today a homeless man gave me money.
  • I don't have enough channels.
  • I think this was Drew's best video.

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Thanks to Bulldog Skincare for sponsoring today's video! Use my promo code "Drew20" for 20% off your order: https://bit.ly/2Lz2V0c

Not a commentary video this time; this is a remake of one of my personal favorite YouTube videos from 2012, that I felt subverted a popular genre at the time. Is this still relevant now? Probably not. But did that stop me from making this? No!
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