Street Food in Copenhagen - MUST-EAT DANISH FOOD in Denmark!

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Oct 30, 2019


Street Food in Copenhagen - MUST-EAT DANISH FOOD in Denmark!
Street Food in Copenhagen - MUST-EAT DANISH FOOD in Denmark! thumb Street Food in Copenhagen - MUST-EAT DANISH FOOD in Denmark! thumb Street Food in Copenhagen - MUST-EAT DANISH FOOD in Denmark! thumb


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Street food in Copenhagen, Denmark! For this street food tour, we started off at the local market, ate some gourmet market food, and then continued on to the biggest street food market in Copenhagen, followed by a visit to food hall, and finally completing this food tour with the ultimate legendary Danish street food of all!

Torvehallerne - For any food lovers, going to Torvehallerne is a must when you’re in Copenhagen. It’s an amazing artisanal market with a very high standard of food and local ingredients. You can shop for ingredients, have coffee, or choose from one of the many Danish food vendors.

Omegn & Venner - Gourmet foods at Torvehallerne - This is the place we tried the first canned fish and bread, and Danish chicken salad with rye bread. They are cool, and their products are top quality.

Frikadeller - One of the best things to eat is frikadeller, Danish meatballs, that are more like patty size. They are spongy and fluffy, and so good. Price - 45 DKK ($6.72)

I Love Fisk - In addition to the meat frikadeller, we also tried a big fish frikadellar. Price - 50 DKK ($7.47)

Seafood and Smoked Fish - But my favorite part of visiting Torvehallerne food hall, was for sure for the mixed smoked fish and seafood. We enjoyed an assortment of herring, salmon, and my favorite, smoked eel. Total price - 174 DKK ($25.98)

Reffen - Street Food Market (https://www.instagram.com/reffen_copenhagenstreetfood/) - An amazing concept, very cool people, and a great selection of different international street food, Reffen, is the biggest street food market in Copenhagen. Build in former shipping containers, and within the old ship yards of Copenhagen, the entire market has a rustic, artistic feel. We tried the Nordic Hot Dogs, and Thrilla in Manila for some Filipino street food.

Tivoli Food Hall - Next up on this Danish street food tour of Copenhagen, Esben and I went to Tivoli Food Hall to try some fast, yet gourmet food. Most of the food is international, but Hallernes Smørrebrød is one stall the serves traditional Danish open faced sandwiches. There were pretty good. Total price - 228 DKK ($34.04)

John's Hotdog Deli - But for sure the place I was most looking forward to going on this entire food tour was at the end, the grand finale! John’s Hotdog deli is everything you could dream of in a hot dog and more! Classic hot dog - 32 DKK ($4.78)

Again, thank you to Visit Copenhagen (https://www.instagram.com/visitcopenhagen/) for supporting my trip to Copenhagen.



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