Stranger's Thing

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Stranger's Thing
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  • ♫ Domics Intro ♫
  • Domics: nm- Alright. Let's say you live in a condo-apartment
  • complex, or some kind of home cluster that requires
  • key access through a locked gate or door.
  • You're inside and a stranger is at the door.
  • on the other side.
  • Waving at you. (Menacingly)
  • Signaling you to open the door for them. (look of intense evil)
  • *low voice* Do you let them in?
  • I freakin' HATE being in this situation.
  • Everytime I walk into my condo building,
  • and there's someone already in the vestibule,
  • tryina' figure how the buzzer works
  • probably for my prostitute ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) neighbor,
  • They see me come in and look at me like
  • I'm their savior (domics is anime god) expecting me to open the door for them
  • open the door for them I guess I don't have
  • much of a choice, I gotta get
  • inside and I can't just open the door for myself
  • and immediately close it behind me like,
  • "No... not you only me"
  • Well, technically there is a back entrance I could use,
  • but that's on the opposite side of the building
  • and that feels like too much trouble
  • just to avoid this situation.
  • But when i'm waiting for a pizza delivery in the lobby,
  • and an outsider pleads me to open the door,
  • as if they're escaping the plague outside,
  • if I ignore them, I feel like an asshole,
  • but if i open the door for them I feel like I defeated the purpose of a security door?
  • Welp, I just let in a serial killer!
  • I sure hope everyone locked their doors and aren't depending on these doors as their only line of defense
  • Serial Killer that sounds like a pervert : "Hehe, Thanks loser! I'll kill you last."
  • I just recently came back from a trip to California for VidCon and Anime Expo.
  • I had a blast seeing old friends and meeting new ones.
  • Even though I only got to see a lot of you briefly, do know that I enjoyed whatever time we had
  • Except for when we were outside.
  • Like, what is this California? You're broken, go home.
  • Every year for anime expo, I rent out an Airbnb with some friends for the duration of the convention.
  • And this year, we got ourselves this nice apartment suite in a gated complex.
  • Unfortunately, at some point in the night we ran out of toilet paper,
  • and the Airbnb didn't have any extra rolls anywhere.
  • It was like 3 am and our drivers were too tired to go out and get some,
  • and we didn't exactly feel safe walking out in the unknown neighborhood.
  • Luckily, our friend Ehl pointed out that there was a public bathroom on the first floor of the complex, across from the gym!
  • ...Nice!
  • So, Claire and I decided to head down for some toiletry shopping
  • Ehl didn't really give us specific directions so we had a bit of trouble looking for the bathroom
  • During our search we passed by the front gate, and a guy, probably in his early 20s jogs up to the door in a slight panic.
  • Sketchy Guy: Hey! Oh thank goodness! Hi! Could you guys let me in? I was having a party on the rooftop with my friends, a-and I think I left my wallet by the Jacuzzi.
  • I-I just wanna check if it's there.
  • Domics: Literally the situation I hate.
  • Claire and I looked at each other in hesitation.
  • Domics: I-I don't think we can.
  • S-sorry man. We're just visitors here.
  • Sketchy Guy: Please, could you just help me out? I-I checked my car, it's not there
  • I'm pretty sure I left it upstairs.
  • Domics: Look, I don't know this guy. I don't know this neighborhood. I am not a bouncer,
  • it was 3 am and neither Claire nor I would have the reflex to defend ourselves from this sketchy dude if he was dangerous!
  • Butt! But he did know about the rooftop patio area with the jacuzzi,
  • So he wasn't totally making it up.
  • It was too late to pull out my fake chinese, and Claire's real chinese to pretend we couldn't understand, as an excuse to leave,
  • It was late, I was tired. There was a rumbly in my tummy and I just wanted to get some toilet paper, thanks!
  • And on a sidenote, we held the little barbecue get together with some friends the previous night,
  • And then I got contacted the next day by the host, saying there were reports of our party members damaging property
  • and vomiting over the balcony the previous night.
  • And while I believed to the extent of my knowledge that they were false accusations,
  • I didn't want to dig a deeper hole for me and my group by letting in a stranger to a private complex.
  • The door is locked for a reason
  • Domics: Sorry man. We can't.
  • Sketchy Guy: *sigh* Come on!
  • Domics: And we headed back upstairs with an extreme lack of toilet paper.
  • Do you think sketchbook paper would hurt?
  • Domics: we... couldn't find it. Also there's a dude downstairs saying he forgot his wallet by the...Jacuzzi or something.
  • We told Elle what happened and he decided to escort us to the secret bathroom himself.
  • But first we headed to the rooftop patio to check for this "wallet".
  • We looked around the Jacuzzi area; nothing!
  • We checked the rest of the patio area...
  • And on one of the tables there was a pair of shoes
  • And inside one of them...
  • Ehl: I guess he was telling the truth.
  • Claire: Wait! Check for an ID!
  • Then we will ask him for his name.
  • Assuming he's still down there.
  • Ehl: Felipe Gonzales.
  • Domics: We left the wallet where it was and headed back down.
  • He was still there.
  • Domics: Hey...
  • Sketchy Guy (Possibly Felipe): Please, I really need my wallet!
  • Ehl: Alright, so we did see one up there...
  • But I don't think we can let you in still.
  • Any chance your friend can get it for you?
  • Sketchy Guy: No...
  • They're asleep now...
  • We drank a lot!
  • I tried calling them, but they were already passed out.
  • Claire: Hold on...
  • What's your name by the way?
  • Sketchy Guy: Uhh...Chris....
  • Domics: Who the fu- That's definitely not how you pronounce Felipe.
  • Chris: Oh yeah!
  • Uhh...That's my other friend!
  • H-he was with us too.
  • Domics: Uhhhh...
  • I can go check for my self!
  • Domics: Uhh.....
  • Call us overly-cautious, but he just progressively became more suspicious.
  • He said he left the wallet by the Jacuzzi...
  • The only wallet we found was neither by the Jacuzzi nor belonged to a Chris...
  • He to us his "friends" were in room 208.
  • So we went up and tried knocking on their door.
  • And no one answered.
  • I guess if they were black out drunk that made sense.
  • But then again it was 3:30 at this point
  • and most people would be unconscious anyway
  • We EVEN went back to check the rooftop patio AGAIN
  • for a more thorough search
  • but... still nothing.
  • He had an excuse but we weren't in a position to be good Samaritans
  • Well, a-actually I guess to be a good Samaritans means you help no matter the situation
  • okay
  • Maybe we were just normal Samaritans.
  • Normal people... I don't know. Whatever
  • I just wanted to wipe my ass. Okay?
  • We were in unfamiliar territory.
  • Elle even mentioned later that he noticed Gang Markings on nearby walls and stop signs around the complex.
  • For all we know this guy could-of who threw-up over balcony the other night
  • We got the toilet paper, but we didn't let him in
  • I'm sorry Chris, I'm not calling you a gangster necessarily
  • but you had an unlucky night
  • He did however have his car and phone, if he did drink with his buddies it was probably best that he didn't drive that night anyway
  • I don't know call an Uber and pick your wallet up in the morning
  • I don't know if we made the right decision
  • but I felt it was the safe decision
  • Plus, what is he also knew about the secret bathroom and wanted to take the toilet paper for himself
  • HUH?!
  • Nu-huh dude. Natural selection.
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