STRANDED ON TREASURE ISLAND - Magical Short Film w/ Zach King

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Sep 19, 2019


STRANDED ON TREASURE ISLAND - Magical Short Film w/ Zach King
STRANDED ON TREASURE ISLAND - Magical Short Film w/ Zach King thumb STRANDED ON TREASURE ISLAND - Magical Short Film w/ Zach King thumb STRANDED ON TREASURE ISLAND - Magical Short Film w/ Zach King thumb


  • You ready to go? What are you wearing? Today's beach day. No, I told
  • you we're going treasure hunting. How did you get beach day out of that? How about this.
  • Beach day today, treasure hunting tomorrow. Are you crazy!?
  • Do you want someone else to find the treasure before us? I finally cracked it.
  • See. We need to go to this island in Indonesia. It's one of the thousands
  • of islands. Wo we are going to a beach? Wes we're going to a beach. Wahoo. Ready to go
  • Alright follow my lead. okay three two...one.
  • Oh yes! All right that means we're going up here to the X. So we need to go North.
  • North is that way. All right let's go. But Zack! Beach day! Come on Nate.
  • The Buccaneers Bay has got to be that way. No, this way
  • Zach yo? Zach? Ah! Dude, I do not think we're safe here.
  • There's a sword in the sternum. Shhh. What does this symbol mean? Zach I do not think we should....
  • Oh that's what the arrows are. Got it. Dude wait up. ah! Oh it's a pit.
  • give me. Ah, look at me. I'm a cartographer. Hey, I was number one of my class I'll have you know. This isn't that hard.
  • Not that hard huh? okay don't leave me hanging. okay seriously
  • give me out of this that four drawer all right I think we're almost there should
  • be right around here that's convenient
  • you ready for yeah
  • Wow baby yeah we are so bad ha tell his pirate stuff you tell us a museum
  • alright let's give this home ok head again right here three - what laptop oh
  • let's get out of here alright hey yeah alright load up our way back home
  • there we go right right there Nate okay ready three
  • you know where do you think you're going
  • go go go
  • run it you can't get this up here from Utah
  • it's gone well now I don't know oh you're sure Oh
  • let's go let's get out of here
  • okay
  • No
  • beach day for you we need a bigger boat wait
  • that's it that's it me okay
  • alright guys if you want to see part two and get us off this island then get this
  • video to 250,000 likes okay smack like help get us off the island
  • 250,000 like the will start reproduction

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Zach King and his friend Nate are on a magical quest, searching for the Lost Gold of Calico Jack on Treasure Island. Find out what magical adventure awaits them on the island. *If this video receives over 250k thumbs up, we will begin production on part 2!

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Thanks to the King Studio Team & The Staff on Pangkil Island for making this magical video come to life.

Watch the behind the scenes of how this short film was made - /watch?v=bm7jbz4z0oI

Directed by Lyndon Joshua
Written by Morgan Koetting & Mark Sommerville & Andrew Gerlicher
Produced by Elisa Logan
Co Star Nate - https://www.instagram.com/natenorell
Director of Photography - William Hellmuth - http://www.williamhellmuth.online/
Music Composer by Trevor Gomes - https://trevorgomes.bandcamp.com/
Colorist - Dan Edwards - http://changingframes.com/
Sound Design by Dan Pugsley - http://www.danpugsley.co.uk/
Digital Magicians - Nacho Hoyos & Luke Snedecor

Watch another short film by Zach King Team - /watch?v=11FFzc08K-4

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