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Im Russell Dennis. I design and build Exotic cars using clay sculpting and then produce them for legal road use. I like to design and build cars for on road use using clay, my imagination and my own two hands. I like to share my knowledge (within my current constraints) and inspire others to do something similar. I hope this channel will help some to be creative and to learn new ways of building their own exotic muscle car by the sweat of their brow and the work of their back. There is something very satifying about building your own car and driving it, knowing it is your own design and your own hard work! I am happy to help anyone who is respectful and interested in learning so please ask questions. Because I cannot legally disclose my training and past work experience; some call me the panel STIG. If you are part of a car company and would like to negotiate some of my video content for removal, then I am willing to sit down with you and listen to what you may have to say.