Stereotypes: Pickup Hockey 2

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Sep 28, 2015


Stereotypes: Pickup Hockey 2
Stereotypes: Pickup Hockey 2 thumb Stereotypes: Pickup Hockey 2 thumb Stereotypes: Pickup Hockey 2 thumb


SweetSpotSquad is back with the types of beer league hockey players. This is part 2 of Stereotypes: Pickup Hockey.

Here are the players you will see in this video:
- The Never Washes His Gear Guy
- The Forgets To Remove His Skate Guards Guy
- The Chirp Show Guy
- The Would Not Even Score In A Soccer Goal Guy
- The Energy Drink Guy
- The I Forgot My Money Guy
- Captain Hook
- The 3 Minutes Shift Guy
- The Tommy Try Hard
- The All About The Show Goalie
- The Out Of Shape Guy
- The Guy With The Crazy Girlfriend

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