Stealing Home Compilation

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05:27   |   Feb 20, 2016


Stealing Home Compilation
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  • It could be a big hit here if he can break it.
  • break that straight
  • Gardner goes
  • now he stops
  • here comes Wells
  • and the Yankees steal home
  • and they will steal a run
  • tying the game at one
  • good play by the Yankees
  • ...squeeze home now would be a good time to do it
  • They've shown they're not going to pitch out
  • They've had a long delay
  • Speed on at third
  • Here comes Grissom
  • and safe
  • at the plate Indians win this
  • yeah
  • to attack on offenses is a great thing
  • Alex runs and now he's going to get in a rundown
  • Escobar
  • come on
  • well Alex his doing part and now Escobar caught in between third and home
  • and did he get around the tag? He did!
  • just the way they practiced it before the game tonight
  • that's just how you write it up
  • yeah
  • do on Davis
  • Jones runs which is taken high throw to second base here comes Paredes
  • throw towards the plate
  • He is safe!
  • He got the hand in!
  • the O's pulled a double steal and it works
  • Baltimore gets behind their Orioles
  • and here comes Villar to the plate
  • and hes stole it, home plate!
  • How about Jonathan Villar!
  • Caught them sleeping!
  • That was awesome
  • I couldn't believe what I saw it out of the corner of my eye
  • John Villar taking home plate
  • I kept expecting him to stop but he just kept going
  • this is a Wookiee against the left-handed pitcher who has his back to
  • the runner at third he took advantage of the situation and you gotta love the
  • excitement that kid brings the ballpark
  • He's going home!
  • Safe!
  • Are you sure this kids 19?
  • and if I'm Cole Hamels here i throw over the first
  • just they're going to play on the on the momentum here
  • well the whole key is you have a left-handed throwing first baseman he has to make that-
  • -guys are not twenty two percent of runners this year
  • Here comes Rios he will score
  • and Dyson gets back to first base
  • just like they planned right?
  • thats the first time we've seen at this year but sometimes
  • teams are caught off guard by that
  • Green struck out. Two one to Romine
  • There comes Cowgill. The pitche is a wild pitch the run scores
  • and it is 6 to 2
  • that might be a stolen base I would assume
  • yeah
  • Cardinals have experience here squeezes on
  • and it doesn't matter as Kozma crosses the plate
  • a pitch that was up in on the scale so nearly took his head off and Pete Kozma
  • takes home plate
  • the throw is wide and Elvis swipes home
  • there's one you haven't seen in 10 years probably
  • Haven't seen that in awhile
  • Elvis taking complete advantage of Gavin
  • who went through his normal routine of leisurely
  • looking at home plate and not paying any attention
  • well that's a right-handed pitcher to (yup)
  • Elvis watched it, he put his head down right here doesn't even look
  • thats like a little league play.
  • Straight steal of home by Elvis Andrus
  • coming home and stealing home is Omar Vizquel
  • Omar steals home for the first run of them game!
  • (Music Playing)

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