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mafinaritra aty a
@ mangingina no madio nyrivotra
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Hi there. Do you realise that when i check out your posts a pop up offering prizes comes up and pornographic site advertising included. Pretty strong stuff. I cant stop it and go back to your interesting posts
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Ok my wish for 2019, I want to WRITE I want to write more, I want to edit my book; I want to paint I want to paint better, I want to experiment. Perhaps I also want to try to make others happy, spread a little more love. I have the capacity to be my own director, i can call the shots if i want. Everyone can, in the end we have the power to change the way we think, and that is the secret isn't...
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Emmanuel Kwaku Sasraku posted on Nov 13, 2018
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Salut mon ami je suis
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"I don’t want to stop crying, because I feel like then I’ll forget him," she says of the father who was her best friend.

Sunrise’s Natalie Barr reveals her heartbreak at losing dad Jim at just 61

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SARMS Delivery - Bodybuilding
Chrissy Burleigh
Was once with two women ..a threesome,another time with one woman..a twosome, now on my own at seventy three and I guess i'm handsome
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LEAVE KARRAKATTA ALONE... Have you heard that the MCB (Metropolitan Cemetery board) are removing headstones from graves and not replacing them? Have you seen the appalling conditions there? Did you know that there is no 50 or 99 year tenure? On the 26th June we will be meeting up with politicians on the steps of Parliament to hand over 2 petitions. Can you join us please? To find out more...
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Made my day. xx
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