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Spy Car Build: EJECTOR SEATS! thumb Spy Car Build: EJECTOR SEATS! thumb Spy Car Build: EJECTOR SEATS! thumb


  • *Scream*
  • On this episode of make it real, we're going to be building a real James Bond inspired spy car!
  • Now people have been suggesting this idea to us for years
  • And the tricky part about building a spy car is getting a cool car to modify, and luckily, all of that changed when we got some interesting fan mail a few weeks ago
  • Hmmm... that's kinda weird
  • Dear Hacksmith team, you know what would be a real challenge? Making a real life James Bond style spy car
  • I just so happen to have a 1979 MGB MkIV collecting dust at my farm. It is in need of some repair, but your mission
  • Should you choose to accept it, is to turn it into a spy car. I've had it delivered to your driveway. Good luck agents.
  • This message will self destruct in 5 seconds
  • James: Will self destruct...
  • Huh? What the!
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  • This video's sponsor is brought to you by a company that has sponsored more Hacksmith projects than anyone else
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  • *Engine noises*
  • Alright so we were able to fix up the MG and it's looking pretty good now
  • there weren't too many major issues with it, although there was a lot of leaks in the engine bay, some hoses missing and we had to replace the suspension
  • and engine mounts, a whole bunch of stuff
  • Anyways, its all fixed up now and we can start converting it into a James Bond inspired spy car!
  • I'm talking rockets in the headlights, grappling hook in the grill, tactical smoke grenade launchers
  • Dispensers for tire spikes and oil slicks, more levers and switches than we know what to do with, a bulletproof rear visor
  • And for romantic nights out, a built in projector so you can have a movie theater wherever you want.
  • This glove box will be far from just a glove box, and for defensive driving, maybe even hubcap spikes!
  • And you know, me might even have to upgrade the engine too. And what I'm most excited about is jet engines in the trunk, but for the first upgrade,
  • I'm talking something simple, how about an ejector seat. Lets get started!
  • Riley: Hiya Dave what's today?
  • Dave: Today is removing seat
  • Riley: Why are we removing the seat?
  • Dave: We need to make way for an ejection seat
  • Riley: There's nothing worse than an annoying passenger you can't get out of the car
  • Look at all this room for activities!
  • We need a big red button
  • Maybe right under the shifter, or the glovebox
  • Back to the drawing board
  • More duct tape!
  • On 3... 1, 2, 3!
  • So, just a little bit of damage... the pipe got shoved into the fitting an extra 2 inches
  • Yeah, smell some burning
  • I smell something, is that burning flesh i smell
  • So now that we've got the ejection seat built, we're gonna have to test it obviously
  • And who better to test it on than an unsuspecting passenger
  • I'm pretty excited to see how this test goes, so lets see what happens!
  • As soon as I pull this lever, bye bye Becky!
  • Thanks for coming on this date with me.
  • Becky: If the earth is round then how come I can't see the curvature on the horizon? Hack that!
  • James: Wait, what?! I'll show you the curve!
  • Deadpool: Hey this is a really cute red car, your boyfriends must love it!
  • Grant Thompson: It's pretty impressive what you've done, your workishop is really amazing but I'm really surprised you havent done anything cool with your car
  • James: Oh well uh... let me show you!
  • *Scream*
  • Well that was an awesome video and we had a ton of fun filming it!
  • But this is just the tip of the iceberg, we're planning on adding so many spy car features to that car it's not even funny!
  • It's gonna be awesome, so dont subscribe and do not hit that notification bell
  • It's not even funny, why, why's it not funny?
  • Riley: I smell burnt hair!

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We're finally doing it. We're building a real life spy car! It's going to be loaded with gadgets like rocket launchers, grappling hooks, smoke bombs, tire spikes, oil spills, hubcap spikes, jet engines in the trunk, a better engine... and of course -- ejection seats in this video! Also look out for a special guest cameo...

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