Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse 2 Teaser Trailer and Post Credit Scene Easter Eggs

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Nov 02, 2019


Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse 2 Teaser Trailer and Post Credit Scene Easter Eggs
Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse 2 Teaser Trailer and Post Credit Scene Easter Eggs thumb Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse 2 Teaser Trailer and Post Credit Scene Easter Eggs thumb Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse 2 Teaser Trailer and Post Credit Scene Easter Eggs thumb


  • all right let's do this one last time
  • you're a bit late can't all be everywhere at once little text might
  • have been nice I was gone for less than two hours what happened okay okay I know
  • what it looks like but here's the good news
  • oh here we go the multiverse didn't pull out oh cool it'll work yeah great story
  • hey did you finish the goober it's not a goober it's a gizmo you always have to
  • call me out this is really frustrating don't get too excited Miguel it's just a
  • prototype not excited but you could be the first person to make an autonomous
  • multiverse jump or the last okay so we're just going to roll the dice on this
  • what do you say pal where you want to go first let's start at the beginning one
  • last time earth 67. Welcome back everyone it's Charlie Sony just dropped the
  • spider-man into the spider verse two teaser and we already know a whole bunch
  • about the movie so we'll break it down I do Easter Egg videos every week if
  • you're brand new to my channel be sure to subscribe to get everything I will
  • think of some fun spider-verse giveaway to do and all my spider-man videos
  • because there is a lot of spider-man related movie stuff happening in the
  • next two years but right after the first movie came out and was a huge critical
  • and financial success we all knew that they were working on a sequel even the
  • producers were talking about it the reason why they're only just releasing
  • this now is because after the first one came out all the people that worked on
  • the first one which is amazing needed a short break and they needed to figure
  • out what the story of the sequel would be and figure out how long it would take
  • to make it so they could pick a release date which wound up being April 8th 2022
  • the first one came out December 2018 so if you're wondering why it's taking them
  • almost four years to make the sequel it's because that's about how long it
  • took them to make the first film it took a long time
  • also some Easter eggs from that teaser when they're glitching between the
  • different spider-man versions and the different logos they flashed the logo
  • from the 1978 Japanese spider-man TV series implying he'll plays some role or
  • cameo during the movie at some point and they flash the logo from the 1990s
  • animated spider-man TV show implying that they'll incorporate some elements
  • from that too this could also be representative of Jessica drew symbol
  • and this one could also be Ben Riley there's also some theories that this one
  • represents mr. negative because he's character they used in the spider-man
  • ps4 games longtime comic book spider-man villain would make sense they would try
  • to include him in the spider-verse movies at some point there are also a
  • lot of people that are wondering if this might represent carnage or some sort of
  • twist on the Venom symbiote but I don't think that they would do carnage before
  • they do venom we already know a little bit about the basic plot and the
  • characters in the ending scene from the first movie in that last spider-man 2099
  • post-credit scene are really big teasers and Easter eggs for how the sequel will
  • work they kind of already told you how they're going to accomplish that because
  • the whole premise of the first movie is that kingpin uses the machine to crack
  • open the multiverse or the spider verse as you call it in the spider-man comics
  • there's even webs connecting the different dimensions in the background
  • where they're all falling through two miles as Earth from the ultimate
  • spider-man comics so they really are literally doing spider verse they
  • destroy that machine at the end of the movie kingpin is in jail and most of the
  • sinister six and other major spider-man villains have been neutralized or aren't
  • smart enough to reconstruct that multiverse device so you ask how do they
  • bring back the characters from the first movie for another team up on miles as
  • Earth and any new characters that they want to add to the team so here's the
  • thing they already answered that question with the ending scene where
  • after the events of the main movie there's a short-time jump in spider-gwen
  • opens a portal above miles is said to just chat him up from her universe and
  • if it wasn't clear that is supposed to be happening in a relatively short
  • amount of time after they all go back to their universes at the end of the movie
  • so she really is skyping him from her universe then they explained how she did
  • that in the spider-man 2099 post-credits scene
  • Miguel O'Hara spider-man 2099 played by Oscar Isaac himself if he didn't
  • recognize his voice constructs a futuristic goober based on the web where
  • risk devices from the spider-verse comics that allows him to travel the
  • multiverse or the spider-verse at free will and he can do it with precision he
  • can set exactly where in time in space he wants to go he goes back in time to
  • the very first spider-man 1960s animated TV show to recreate that pointing gif
  • whoa what I'm spider-man I need you to come with me
  • I just told you that listen listen I'm from the future how dare you point at me
  • you were pointing first rude to point you're being very rude you're not even
  • as awesome as that was they were also using that post-credit scene to sort of
  • set up the logic of how the seat wall can work those devices are straight out
  • of the spider-verse comics and Jessica drew Spider Woman uses them to assemble
  • a team of spider-man versions from alternate universes to go on missions
  • across the spider-verse so at some point after the events of the
  • main story of the movie they all go home spider-gwen must have been given one of
  • those devices by spider-man 2099 implying that he would have a bigger
  • role in the sequel and there would be a bigger time travel element in the story
  • they already used time travel in the first movie if that wasn't clear so
  • spider-man noir played by Nicolas Cage was hilarious but he actually comes from
  • depression 1930s era then penny Parker with her Evangelion mech come from the
  • distant future even further in the future from Miguel O'Hara's spider-man
  • 2099 so they were already time-traveling in that movie so it's no big deal to
  • have people from other points and time and other universes show up in
  • present-day on miles as earth right now for the sequel the only confirmed
  • characters we know are coming back are Hailee Steinfeld spider-gwen because of
  • developing a spin-off movie for her and then miles of course
  • maybe Jake Johnson's Peter B Parker just because he was so amazing part of his
  • arc at the end of the film too was them implying that he finally wanted children
  • and reconciled with his version of Mary Jane on his earth and they would go on
  • to have a daughter Mayday Parker from the spider-man comics
  • if you're not a big reader of the spider-man comics there is a comic where
  • she grows up to succeed him as spider-man taking the name spider girl
  • because time-travel is already a really common thing in these movies they can
  • use time travel to explain how an older or maybe a young version of Peter's
  • daughter can join the franchise but here's the thing about the story in
  • escalation the whole concept of these spider-verse movies is that they're
  • doing a version of the spider-verse comics eventually once they introduced
  • the concept of the multiverse and the web of life and destiny they reveal that
  • there's a bigger multiverse level villain that's trying to destroy or
  • consume different spider people called one that doesn't mean that more lund is
  • going to be the villain of the sequel but part of the idea with these animated
  • movies is that you can do any story you want budget isn't a factor in terms of
  • scope like it is for live-action movies they can go as big as they want and what
  • is the natural escalation of the spider-verse comics it's a story called
  • spider geddon which is just a even bigger crossover that's sort of the spider
  • verse comics version of Avengers infinity war in Avengers endgame and
  • because the first movie was such a big hit for them they also confirmed that
  • they're developing all these spin-off movies and additional sequels in a bunch
  • of live-action spider-verse TV shows really cool inside baseball Easter Egg
  • from the first movie - originally they talked about including live-action
  • elements as part of the many different versions of Spider Man that appeared
  • during the movie Tom Holland also revealed recently that they originally
  • plan to have him cameo as his MCU Spider Man in the movie and Lord and Miller the
  • producers also said they discussed about bringing back Tobey Maguire and Andrew
  • Garfield as their versions of spider-man so there is no limit to the level of
  • craziness that they will eventually get to and yes once Tom Holland Tobey and
  • Andrew Garfield cameo as their spider-man versions that effectively
  • cannon eise's their movies to this larger spider-verse that they're
  • creating with the animated movies that's also kind of the idea of how you can
  • explain MCU spider-man hopping between the MCU movies and the venom movies or
  • that toby's spider-man exists in an alternate universe even Peter B Parker
  • was created to be an amalgam of all the previous versions of spider-man in the
  • movies like when he's telling his backstory a lot of the scenes that they
  • show are scenes from Tobey Maguire's spider-man movies the only totally new
  • concept that I believe that they'll introduce in the sequel is the concept
  • of venom because we didn't really get into any symbiotes or anything like that
  • during the first spider first movie but if they talked about including Tom
  • Holland as his version of spider-man in these movies then I think that they
  • would also try to get Tom Hardy to cameo as his version of venom in the animated
  • spider-verse movies at some point everyone post all your theories for
  • spider-verse to in the comments and I will do more
  • spider-man and venom 2 videos soon but everybody click here for my venom 2 teaser
  • video and click here for my Doctor Strange 2 Ghost Rider video
  • thank you so much for watching everybody, stay awesome. I'll see you guys tonight!

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