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Sphero is all about #CSforGood! Check out these fun #HourOfCode activities for #CSEdWeek:

Sphero Goes Green > [ Bit.ly Link ]
Super Smiles > [ Bit.ly Link ]
Sphero Baby Steps > [ Bit.ly Link ]

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Ready for a challenge with your new Mini Activity Kit? Start by setting up pins all over your room, then use Tilt driving mode to try and knock them all down as quickly as possible. How fast can you go? sphero.com/mini-kit

Sphero Mini Activity Kit: Pin Down!

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Ready to rock with Ableton Live using your #Specdrums? Find out how to connect correctly on this week's episode of #MusicMonday.

Connect Specdrums to Ableton Live

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Attention educators! Think you’re a Sphero Hero or know someone who should be? Apply now through December 31, 2019. #BeyondCode bit.ly/SpheroHeroes2020

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What do those Event Blocks in the @SpheroEDU App actually do? Watch this week's #BitsNBytes to find out.

Have you used Event Blocks? Tell us how in the comments!

Sphero EDU Event Blocks

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Genny Kilpatrick
Sphero Heroes. Champions in education. Fluent in Sphero. Apply for the Class of 2020 today: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Apply to be a 2020 Sphero Hero today!

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Go, go, gooooo! Did you know there’s an activity where you can bulldoze things using your Mini? In Demolition, Man you set up obstacles from the Kit and use joystick mode to see how quickly you can knock everything over with your Mini. sphero.com/mini-kit

Sphero Mini Activity Kit: Demolition, Man!

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What exactly is MIDI and how can it enhance your #Specdrums jam sesh? Specdrums act as pocket-sized Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) controllers, which allow you to connect to other Digital Audio Work Stations (DAWS) like GarageBand or Ableton. #MusicMonday

Understanding MIDI

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#HourOfCode and #CSEdWeek are just around the corner! Get prepped with $200 off a BOLT Power Pack + a Computer Science Foundations course. Get yours: sphero.com/products

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Happy National #STEMSTEAMDay! Start coding with 15% OFF* at sphero.com today only. Use code STEMDAY15 at checkout.

* Exclusions: Gift cards, CSF Foundations courses, Education packs, Products already on promotion (no stacking). Discount code can only be applied to orders delivered in the United States. Expires 11/08/2019 at 11:59 MST.

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