Founded in 2010 by CEO Joe DeSena, Spartan is the world’s largest obstacle race and endurance brand. Beyond engaging more than 1 million participants in the more than 200 race events, the Spartan lifestyle spans more than 30 countries.

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Spartan Canada posted on Mar 28, 2020

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TnT Metabolic Igniters
Can you keep up with Spartan Race Canada’s Nelson Diaz for this flex Friday workout challenge?
3 Rounds:
10 Burpees
15 Push ups
20 Air squats
8 Around the world planks
Time to beat.. 6:39. Consider yourself challenged #spartanracecanada #Spartan #Challenge
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Greg Kogut
Spartan Race Canada Behind The Scenes:
Join Spartan Race Canada’s Training Division & Ambassador Manager Dallas for a behind the scenes look at the training division and some of his standout races. AROO!
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Spartan Canada posted on Mar 26, 2020


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Join Spartan Race Canada’s HR & Volunteer Manager Laura as she guides you through this Spartan pancake workout! How many rounds can you get in 20 minutes?

Warm up
Walking leg cradle
High knees
Single leg deadlift with reach

Circuit 1
Squat with overhead press: 12-15 repetitions
Bent over row: 12-15 repetitions
Bear crawl forward and reverse: 45-60 seconds

Circuit 2
Reverse lunge with...
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