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So I bought a expert clean for $150 and Phillips has sent me a protective clean which is about half price and I’ve been on the phone for hours them saying they don’t have an expert clean. Well look in the pictures they do. That isn’t was only sold at Costco well look on the recipet that was clearly sold at Best Buy. They also said that a protective clean is the same as the expert clean ...... when there is an almost twice difference in price point anything whatever it is is different has more features..... honestly I’ve been on the phone for over an hour and a half . I bet if I was to buy the protective clean vs the expert clean.... they would tell me why it was so much better.... and know all the different features...so they said they are gonna get it resolved Dawson is his name I’ve talked to multiple people asked to speak to the supervisor finally third call hour and a half later talked to him.. why is this this much hassle to get the thing I bought in the first place or to talk to someone that can do anything.... And this is why I won’t be buying me a Phillips toothbrush.

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