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The awesome technology of Snaptu is now used by Facebook for Every Phone and Facebook Lite. To get the apps, go to http://d.fb.me/36j

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The wait is over! visit the Snaptu blog for the latest news and updates

Snaptu blog

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Dear Snaptu users, this is thanks to you!

Snaptu Hits 10 Million Users, Raises $6 Miillion More From Carmel And Sequoia

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Jake Inao
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Come vote for Snaptu at the MobileBeat 2010 competition. Simply check-in the box next to Snaptu, scroll down and click the vote button. Thanks!

Vote for a startup - MobileBeat 2010

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Snaptu Creations - Post something creative involving Snaptu on our wall. It can be a photo, drawing, story or video. Any post that gets over 50 “likes” by other users will win a fabulous Snaptu t-shirt. The post with the most “likes” will be featured on our website. So start posting and get your friends to vote!

Timeline Photos

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TechCrunch mobile app is one of the many apps you get on Snaptu

Snaptu TechCrunch mobile app

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Thanks to all Snaptu users who answered our recent poll. Check out the great photos posted by fans! [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Isnt Snaptu gorgeous on my Nokia 6500?

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We are conducting a poll: Which phone do you Snaptu with? Let us know by posting a picture of you and your phone!

Timeline Photos

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Help us spread the word. Check out this TechCrunch article about Snaptu, and Digg it! [ Digg.com Link ]. And let us know what you think.

TechCrunch article about Snaptu

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The fastest mobile Facebook app
one of the many free apps you get with Snaptu

Snaptu mobile Facebook app

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