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You heard it here first, folks! Next week's theme is #SingtopiaFolk.

Bust out your banjo, fire up your fiddle, and get ready to sing songs that have been handed down from generation to generation.

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Joy Dehany
Shajeeb Sharu
John Marcos
Wil Sillva
A collab that deserves all the “Yellow Hearts” Ant Saunders & noob24seven

Don’t miss the full performance HERE! —>
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#SingWithAntSaunders #YellowHearts


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Shane Muhammad
Dave Boon
Adriana Pfaff-Boon
Pascale Kroon
Barry Slootweg
Here's hoping Ant Saunders puts our name with "Yellow Hearts" Join Ant on his viral hit, "#YellowHearts" on Smule!

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Putra Dimas Candra
Anaïs d'Hostingue
Mario Dublese
Ethereal vibes and angelic voices on this rendition of “Hallelujah”

Watch the full version —>
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Kim Mikkie
Jason West
Kelly Marie
Joy Dehany
Amir Simantov
, congrats on hitting 100K Sonny Sinay!


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Sonny Sinay
Hilko van der Veen
Andreas Glimtoft
Pritpalsingh Rode
Thomas DeBeer
It's time to showcase unplugged versions of your favorite songs! Next week's theme is #SingtopiaAcoustic.

We're excited to hear your creative, acoustic renditions!

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Adrian Sings
Marci Rota
Morgan Gallo
Alison Dunser
Janna Archer
These two have our vote for prom queen! mxmtoon and @Delaneybaileyy sing #promdress # #singwithmxmtoon

Check out their full perormance HERE --> [ Smule.com Link ]


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Marci Rota
Akhtar Khan
Orit Dascal
Wil Sillva
Dogru Yatırım
Satisfy your sweet tooth (calorie-free!) with some "Cake by the Ocean"! By DNCE & AmandaShow_97!

Check out the full performance on Smule --> [ Smule.com Link ]

Cake by the Ocean

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Justin Wisham
IssaMe Chantelle
Endi Frihidayat
Malini Gopal
Karen Maria
Smule 1:1 LIVE With Em Rossi !!!

Smule 1:1 LIVE With Em Rossi

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Karen Rossi Brockman
Ujang Beni Sam
Claudia Davies
Brianne Ellis
Happy New Year! ✨ Start your year off by celebrating what matters most - this week's theme is #SingtopiaFamily!

Welcome 2020 by choosing a song to sing with your family, friends, Smule groups, or even your sweet pets! It’s all about those special moments in life with loved ones.

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JoAnn MacIntyre
David Murray
Ahmed Alebadi