Imagine a world where almost everyone wakes up inspired to go to work, feels trusted and valued during the day, then returns home feeling fulfilled, like they have contributed to something greater than themselves.

Simon Sinek is an unshakable optimist who believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. Simon has devoted his life to sharing his thinking and leading a movement to inspire people to do the things that inspire them.

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21:56 Having a Just Cause
38K+ views | Oct 03, 2018
01:05 Artistic Integrity
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00:00 Change your narrative
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01:24 How does the WHY relate to vision?
41K+ views | Jan 15, 2018
01:01 What's the WHY?
47K+ views | Jan 08, 2018
00:00 What it means to lead
171K+ views | May 29, 2015