I like to make music videos and YouTube Poops. Sometimes I also upload clips and random spoofs. My username is Simbaholic but it doesn't really suit me anymore as my new favorite Disney characters are Mickey Mouse and Scrooge McDuck.
You will not find any "adult content" (what's so mature about it, anyway?) in my videos. No cussing, no sex jokes - nothing, I promise - not even in my YouTube Poops. (Well, I might make a drink/drug joke here and there, but nothing totally horrible.) I find clean humor much funnier and more creative than dirty humor, which quickly gets old and repetitive; plus, I want people of all ages to be able to watch my videos.
YouTube Poops are parodies. Parody is fair use. Also, I don't sub4sub; I'll subscribe to you if I like your videos.


04:06 Tribute to Oliver
256 views | Jul 08, 2018
02:06 YTP - Five Nights at Funzo's
3K+ views | Mar 08, 2018
03:40 Mickey Mouse - Still Into You AMV
3K+ views | Jan 02, 2018
04:26 Walt Disney Tribute
2K+ views | Dec 05, 2016