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Hey Fam! My name is Shyvonne (Sha-Von) and I'm a mother of 6 beautiful and intelligent children. I have 5 daughters and 1 son. My oldest daughter is 20 and she doesn't live with us. I'm also married, but my husband and I have been separated since August 2017. I must say that we do co-parent very well and that is a huge blessing. I work full-time outside the home as an Operations Manager for a Community Center. I'm very, very busy with the kids, activities, work and home life. My passion is home décor, painting, crafts and just overall being creative. I also love to read and write. God is everything to my family and I. I definitely know that I'm very blessed and in my eyes extremely rich with love. Please join my family and I on this awesome journey called "Life" and become a part of our family. This channel is about family, fun, lifestyle, home décor, cleaning, decorating and more. Hope you join us!