Shell V-Power NiTRO+ vs Cheap Gasoline. Is it better? Let's find out!

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Shell V-Power NiTRO+ vs Cheap Gasoline. Is it better?  Let's find out!
Shell V-Power NiTRO+ vs Cheap Gasoline. Is it better?  Let's find out! thumb Shell V-Power NiTRO+ vs Cheap Gasoline. Is it better?  Let's find out! thumb Shell V-Power NiTRO+ vs Cheap Gasoline. Is it better?  Let's find out! thumb


  • So if you're like me you want your engine to be a tip-top shape and to last a long time
  • Performance is a big deal. You want your engine to perform at its highest level.
  • Are you just wasting your money buying a premium level gasoline?
  • Or should you just buy a generic gasoline and save yourself 40/50 cents per gallon.
  • We're gonna be comparing shell v-power nitro against a generic 87 octane gasoline to see if it does perform better
  • Shell V power nitro claims that it has seven times the amount of detergents
  • and it makes a lot of other bold claims saying that it's much better than the competition
  • So let's get the testing under way and find out just how good this product is
  • We will be using this engine with the see-through cylinder head and comparing the flame color to cheap gasoline
  • So it'll be interesting to find out if both of these fuels have a different amount of ethanol content
  • so I'm going to do is add two ml's of water to 10 ml's of
  • Gasoline and what this allows us to do is see how much of the ethanol in the gasoline separates out.
  • I'll do the same thing with 20 ml's of water added to 100 ml's
  • So it's the same proportion and we'll see how much of it separates out
  • so after I add the water
  • I'm going to shake this up a bit and then we'll give it about 15 minutes and we'll come back and see where the line
  • is at
  • This is the shell v-power Nitro+ water was added up to the 20 ml's you can see the line is currently between
  • 25 and 26 of this approximately 5% ethanol content in the shell v-power nitro
  • So 2 ml's of water were added to this graduated cylinder as you could see the separation is occurring between two point four and two point five
  • So there's roughly four to five percent ethanol content in the cheap gas
  • We're gonna use this generator to measure whether or not shell v-power nitro
  • will give us better fuel efficiency than the cheap gasoline and doing so i will be using kilowatt device
  • This gives us some great information on Watts amps volts and Hertz again I'm not sponsored by these guys
  • I bought this with my own money and I like to use it to just see how the engine is performing in terms of generating electricity
  • This is the space heater
  • I'll be using I'll be using this at the medium setting just to make sure it doesn't shut down from overheating on us on a
  • Hot day like today and we're gonna see how long it'll run on the shell v-power nitro, and compare it against the regular unleaded
  • We're going to start and run this engine for a while and once it's warmed up
  • Then I will top it off and then we'll see how long the engine will run
  • Okay, the engine is fully warmed up so I'm going to fill the fuel tank all the way up to the point where it's overflowing
  • And we are going be using the shell v-power nitro first
  • And then we're gonna test regular gasoline
  • I'm gonna start the engine then I'm gonna shut it off to make sure the fuel bowl the entire fuel system has filled up and
  • Then I'll fill it all of it at the top to make sure we have a fair test
  • To my left is some cheap gas and to my right is some shell v-power
  • we're gonna soak some greasy bolts one each in each of the
  • Gasoline's and we're going to come back in a few hours and see if there's any visible difference
  • So shell v-power Nitro+ claims that it can prevent wear, it removes gunk and it prevents corrosion
  • So on this small engine we're going to test whether or not it can remove gunk
  • Once we test this fuel to see how well it does at removing carbon deposits
  • we're going to actually clean this engine up real well and just run the fuel through it to see if
  • Deposits actually form using this fuel and we'll compare this to standard 87 octane
  • Ethanol 10% fuel to see if one provides a cleaner burn than the other
  • We just tested the compression and saw we had around 100 psi
  • and that was before cleaning the combustion chamber and what calm and I see a lot is that
  • If I clean the carbon out of the combustion chamber that the psi is going to drop significantly
  • So let's put that to the test and find out if we're going to see a big drop
  • Okay, we're still at 100 psi
  • We cleaned the combustion chamber in this engine and ran a full tank of shell v-power nitro through it
  • as you can see it looks like there's very little carbon build up on part of the piston
  • the exhaust valve is extremely clean and it looks like there are parts of the head that looked fairly clean as well
  • So the shell v-power nitro is on the right, and the cheap gas is on the left
  • As you can see the shell v power nitro has a lot more of a dark color to it
  • Appearing that it's actually done a better job of dissolving the grease
  • So let's take a closer look and just see if there is any difference
  • It also looks like there's a little bit more dirt accumulation in the shell v-power nitro than the cheap gas.
  • so what im gonna do now is go ahead and remove both bolts and take a closer look at them
  • So this is the cheap gas
  • This is the expensive gas as you can see when I placed both of these bolts on top of the paper a lot more residue
  • Was left behind where the cheap gas was used
  • Indicating that it did not do as good of a job as far as cleaning the bolt.
  • The shell v power nitro is on the right, the cheap gas is on the left.
  • The shell v power nitro did a far better job than the cheap gas as far as cleaning
  • Also the color of the fuel is much different after allowing this fuel to sit for 24 hours
  • The show-up is still a lot darker in color
  • Indicating that the detergents are suspending a lot of the contamination that it removed from the bolts.
  • So does shell v-power nitro deliver on the promise that it does a better job of cleaning than cheap gas
  • I think the answer to that is yes as we saw in the dirty bolt competition in to the far superior job removing dirt and grime
  • Compared to the cheap gas. What does this mean for your fuel system?
  • If you use this product
  • It's likely to help clean the fuel system in its entirety
  • Including the intake valves as well as the injectors which makes a big difference regarding fuel efficiency and performance
  • Now regarding whether or not this product is better than using some additives out there
  • I really don't think it's better than using seafoam Marvel Mystery Oil Tech Ron and that's just to name a few
  • I think there's some other better products out there that can deliver the same results
  • So the question is is it worth an extra 50 cents per gallon?
  • I don't think it is if your vehicle is designed to run on 87 octane fuel
  • What was very interesting was we compared the fuel efficiency between shell as well as a cheap gas?
  • because the
  • Engine we used was designed around 87 octane. And the ethanol content was the same for both fuels we didn't see any benefit
  • So why spend the extra fifty cents per gallon?
  • why not just use some sort of fuel additive and ultimately save a lot of money and achieve the same results finally a big
  • Thank you to everyone recommended this video. I really appreciate it. I read your comments and I do videos on them
  • Please keep those ideas coming and I'll keep making videos. Please. Take care and look forward to next time

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Is Shell V-Power Nitro+ better than cheap gasoline? Shell claims that it cleans better and contains 7 times the amount of detergents required. So, will Shell V-Power Nitro+ clean better than cheap gasoline? Will it prevent carbon buildup? Will an engine achieve better fuel efficiency? Let's find out. Also, thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm