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Oh baby baby - BEIS on @forbes twice in just a few months? Yes, please.

Shay Mitchell’s Travel Brand Celebrates A Mega-Successful First Year

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The BEIS DIAPER BAG is here - couldn't ask for a better person to help me sell it than my sweet Atlas.

Designer Bag by Designer Moms | BÉIS

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Darlene Cortez Barrón
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Hey guys!!
At Beis we just released our BEIS DIAPER BAG!
Because a cute trendy diaper bag that doesn't scream DIAPER BAG isn't too much to ask!
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#Beistravel #BeisBaby

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I still put this same smile on when I'm trying to push through the work week. #throwbacktuesdays a thing right?
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This is basically just a montage of me picking a look in the morning
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Hope everyone is enjoying what always feels like the absolutely longest month of the year. My goals for 2020 are as long as a CVS receipt ! What are some of yours?
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Dying to know what either of them are thinking Their little legs....
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Truly cannot wait for Atlas to be best friends with Ashley's kid Had the best time talking to Ash on her podcast Pretty Big Deal - listen now, video coming tomorrow :)

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‎Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham: Shay Mitchell on Apple Podcasts

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I know racoons are little terrors but not gonna lie... this is CUTE
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Is this a good time to say not all heroes wear capes!! I love this

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