Canadian Senator of Pakistani Pashtun origin, representing Ontario (Toronto)

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"I paint simply because I like to paint and if other people happen to enjoy my finished works, well, that’s just a bonus."

Senate of Canada - Why art matters: Senator Salma Ataullahjan lets colour and inspiration flow freely

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Below is an excerpt from my statement on the 2nd anniversary of the devastating attack on the Islamic Cultural Centre in Quebec City. You can read my statement in full on my website:

[ Senatorsalma.ca Link ]
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Khan Zada
My message for Bacha Khan Week.

Salma Attaullah Jan about Bacha Khan Week

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Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating!
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To commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, I delivered a statement in the Senate. My remarks focused on Education. Visit my website to read my statement in full:
[ Senatorsalma.ca Link ]
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This week I attended a farewell Dinner for His Excellency Tariq Azim Khan, the outgoing Pakistani High Commissioner. His commitment to advancing Canada-Pakistan relations has been admirable. I also had the pleasure of working with Tariq on a number of issues over the past few years.
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Today I delivered a second reading speech on Bill C-376, an Act that seeks to designate the month of April as Sikh Heritage Month. Visit my website to read my remarks in full:

[ Senatorsalma.ca Link ]
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Last Week I had the pleasure of joining students and staff at Kings University College in London, Ontario to discuss human rights, global citizenship and my role as a parliamentarian. I was very impressed by the level of engagement and discourse.

Senator Salma Ataullahjan님이 게시한 사진

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This weekend I attended a "Thank you Canada" reception co-hosted by the Burma Task Force and The Canadian Rohingya Development Initiative. This event recognized Canadian political leaders, officials and members of the community who have championed the cause of the Rohingya people. I am appreciative of the recognition and I will continue to fight in my capacity for the rights of the Rohingya...

Photos from Senator Salma Ataullahjan's post

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