Hi, learn organic gardening, realistic self-sufficient living, keeping quail, chickens, and lots more! My channel is about self-sufficiency and based on my blog (established several years earlier) called "Self Sufficient Me" this doesn't mean I believe I am totally self-sufficient (nor do I want to be) but more that I want to "strive" to be as self-sufficient as I can with the current resources I have on offer. When I retired from the Army after a successful 21 year career I yearned to be home for my young family's sake and my own well-being so I/we decided to take a big pay cut and I became the full time homemaker. I earn my keep by looking after my children/doing the home duties as best I can and by growing as much produce as humanly possible to supplement our single income. Trade-off is less money but more happiness... Thank you for subscribing!

Look, and see the Earth through her eyes... metaphorically means trying to work WITH nature rather than forcing it artificially.


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