Search Party with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

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Search Party with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
Search Party with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill thumb Search Party with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill thumb Search Party with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill thumb


  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • -♫ Search party ♫
  • -Playing tonight, we have the Tim McGraw party!
  • ♫♫ [ Cheers and applause ]
  • And their opponents, the Faith Hill party.
  • ♫♫ [ Cheers and applause ]
  • All right. First up, we have Tim and Faith.
  • Come on down. - Go, good luck, good luck.
  • You can do it, you can do it. -Okay.
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • Here´s how the game works. How are you?
  • Good to see you. -How you doing?
  • Nice to see you. -Fantastic.
  • How are you, Tim? -Hey, how are you doing?
  • Nice to see you. -You guys know each other.
  • That´s not good. We´re opposite teams, man.
  • -No fraternizing. -No fraternizing.
  • -Here´s how the game works.
  • I will read you the start of an Internet search...
  • -Oh, Lord. -...and you fill in the blank.
  • -Oh, Lord, geez.
  • -We have the top four most popular answers on the board.
  • You´ll both type in your answers as fast as you can on --
  • This is called a computer. -Okay.
  • -And then we´ll see -- -He knows what a computer is.
  • -If it matches the top four -- -Barely.
  • -...top four answers -- And here´s the first search.
  • Ready? -Oh, Lord. Okay.
  • -Why do country singers always sing about blank?
  • Now type in your blank.
  • -Come on, Faith. You can do it. Type it!
  • Tell me when you´re locked in. -I´m locked in.
  • -Yeah, locked in? Is everybody locked in?
  • -I´m locked in. -Locked in.
  • -Okay, Faith, what did you write?
  • -Love. -Love?
  • [ Cheers and applause ] -Good answer!
  • -Nice answer.
  • -Tim, what did you write? -D-I-V-O-R-C-E.
  • -Oh, nice! Divorce.
  • Let´s see if we have any matches.
  • ♫♫
  • Yeah! -The number-one answer!
  • -Faith, get on over there! We´re gonna go to Faith´s team.
  • -That´s great! Come on, we did it, we did it.
  • Hello, darling. -Hey.
  • Oh, my God. Hi, Mr. Dawson.
  • -Once again, name the most popular word
  • that completes the search, Jimmy.
  • Why do country singers always sing about blank?
  • What is it?
  • -Mama? [ Laughter ]
  • -Let´s see mama!
  • Ooh! [ Audience groans ]
  • -One fail. -What?
  • -Two fails, and you´re out. -That is not cool.
  • -James, it´s up to you. Come on.
  • Why do country singers about blank?
  • Why do they sing about...?
  • -Drinking. -Drinking!
  • [ Cheers and applause ] -Yes!
  • Let´s see drinking.
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • Okay, Faith. -Yes.
  • You always sing about...
  • -Um... [ Chuckles ]
  • Uh, my -- my family.
  • -Yes, family. -Family.
  • -I love family.
  • -Okay. If they get family, you win.
  • If not, the McGraw steals it.
  • Ready? Let´s see it.
  • Ooh! [ Audience groans ]
  • That´s two.
  • Tariq.
  • Tariq Trotter.
  • -Hey. How you doing? -Famed entrepreneur.
  • -Yep, yep.
  • -Country singers. -Yeah.
  • -They often sing about what?
  • -We often sing about, uh... -We?
  • [ Laughter ] -You´re not a country singer.
  • -The line between country and hip-hop has been blurred.
  • -You´re right, you´re right. Blurred lines.
  • -Yeah. -I´m gonna say trucks.
  • -Yeah. -Trucks!
  • Let´s see trucks!
  • Oh! [ Cheers and applause ]
  • Oh, my gosh!
  • You guys won that one.
  • -All right, they got one. -Now we´re gonna start again.
  • Jimmy? -What was the last answer?
  • -Let´s see. What´s that number-four answer?
  • Dogs. -Yeah, yeah, dogs.
  • -All right, Jimmy and Tariq, get up here.
  • ♫♫
  • [ Cheers and applause ] -Come on, Jimmy.
  • -All right, ready?
  • Speaking of dogs... -Come on, Jimmy.
  • -Yes.
  • -Why do dogs blank?
  • Why do dogs blank?
  • Tell me when you´re both locked in.
  • Internet search. People queried the Internet.
  • Ask Jeeves. What does Jeeves have to say?
  • [ Laughter ] -That doesn´t exist anymore.
  • -What´s that? -Ask Jeeves.
  • -I got an assistant.
  • I don´t know what the Internet looks like.
  • Jimmy, what did you write?
  • -I wrote, bark. Why do dogs --
  • "Why do dogs bark?" Nice.
  • [ Cheers and applause ] Tariq?
  • -That´s a good answer.
  • -I got it right. -You got a good answer.
  • I said, "Why do dogs run away?" -Oh, Tariq that´s sad.
  • -Run away? That´s sad.
  • -My dog -- -Wow.
  • -Your dogs run away from you?
  • -I´m still thinking about country-western songs.
  • -Oh, okay, there you go. We´ve moved on.
  • Let´s see what we´ve got!
  • ♫♫
  • Bark, number-one answer!
  • -I´m sorry, I´m sorry. -Oh, my gosh!
  • It´s a barn burner.
  • It´s time for you guys to steal. -Run away.
  • I love my dog in my house. Why do dogs spoon?
  • Why do dogs spoon with me? -Are they dry?
  • -James. -Why do dogs sniff?
  • -Sniff! -Oh, nice.
  • -We´re not gonna say what. [ Laughter ]
  • -Yeah. -Sniff. Let´s see sniff.
  • ♫♫ Sniff butts!
  • I didn´t say that. -Sniff butts!
  • -That´s your first movie! -That was my first movie.
  • -I played James Butts. -You were great in that.
  • -And you played Gary Sniff. -Gary Sniff Butts.
  • We were a detective team. I remember.
  • -Sniff ´n´ Butts. -Sniff ´n´ Butts.
  • -All right, Faith, Why do dogs do...?
  • -Since we´re on butts, um, poop.
  • ´Cause everybody poops. -They do. That is true.
  • That is a fact. [ Applause ]
  • Let´s hear it for poop! -It´s a book.
  • -It´s a book, it´s a book! -I know.
  • -The only thing that would make me happier
  • is if it was the number two answer.
  • -Ah! -Let´s see -- why do dogs poop?
  • Let´s see poop! -Ooh!
  • -There´s no poop up there. -This is rigged. So rigged.
  • -Why do dogs...? -Dogs do what?
  • -Dogs do a lot of things. -They do.
  • Oh, I know. Go ahead.
  • [ Laughter ] -No, let´s just --
  • Let´s just get in the zone for a second.
  • Maybe I can... why do dogs howl?
  • -Howl. Owl? -Wait.
  • -Yes! He said it.
  • He said it! -Let´s see howl!
  • -All right. -Quest.
  • -They got it? -Okay.
  • -We´re going to you, baby.
  • -Why do dogs bite? -Good answer.
  • -Bite!
  • Let´s see bite!
  • Ooh!
  • No, we gotta run. That means Team Faith wins!
  • James, Quest, get up here! [ Cheers and applause ]
  • ♫♫
  • -You got it. -Okay.
  • This is the final round. -Hoo!
  • -The final round. For 8 million points.
  • Name a word that completes this search.
  • How do I get more blank?
  • -James, be careful. -James, come on.
  • -Oh, dear. -You got it?
  • You know what it is? -This is up to James.
  • -James has got it? -I´m locked in.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • -That´s a good one. That´s a good one.
  • -I have a feeling this is gonna be filthy.
  • You locked in? Are you locked in?
  • -Yeah. -All right.
  • James. -Money.
  • -Money. -Yes.
  • -That´s a nice one.
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • -Satisfaction.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • What?
  • -How do I get more satisfaction?
  • Let´s see it!
  • ♫♫
  • Money! [ Cheers and applause ]
  • All right.
  • Faith, we´re gonna start with you.
  • -Oh, that´s not a good idea.
  • -How do I get more blank?
  • -Um, yes, uh...
  • How do I get more --
  • -♫ Yes, sir ♫
  • -♫ Yes, sir, how do I get more ♫
  • ♫ Oww ♫
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • How do I get --
  • How do I get more, uh, intelligence.
  • I don´t know. -Yes.
  • -I know -- -Let´s see intelligence.
  • -It´s not up there. I know. I´m sorry.
  • -Okay. -I´m sorry, team.
  • -No, please. My answer --
  • How do I get more -- How do I get more --
  • I want to say guac, but I´m not gonna say it.
  • I´m not gonna say it. -Guac is not your answer.
  • -How do I get -- How do I get more time?
  • -Time! -Oh, that´s a good answer.
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • -Let´s see time.
  • [ Audience groans ] -What?
  • -Now it´s up to you guys for the steal.
  • -We can steal it. -You can steal it.
  • If you steal, you win. -What?
  • -If you steal it, you win.
  • -The whole game? -One answer.
  • -Are you allowed to talk to each other?
  • -One answer. They´re just gonna get one answer.
  • -Yes, we are.
  • -If they get this right, they win.
  • If they get it wrong, they lose.
  • One answer. You guys ready?
  • -Yeah. -Oh, wait!
  • -Yeah. -Okay, ready?
  • How do I get more...?
  • -One, two, three.
  • -Sex. [ Laughter ]
  • -Let´s see sex!
  • Oh! [ Cheers and applause ]
  • The winner! Team Tim!
  • -The worst! Unbelievable!
  • My thanks to Tim McGraw, the champ!
  • Tariq Trotter, Questlove!

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Faith Hill teams up with Jimmy as they face off against Tim McGraw and The Roots in a race to fill in the blank for random Internet search results for queries like "What do country singers always sing about?"

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Search Party with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill