Schaeffer's Oil by Greg

Schaeffer's Oil by Greg

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"When I first began selling Schaeffer products, most of the people I called-on had never heard of Schaeffer Manufacturing. To be perfectly blunt, I was not so sure that the products I was attempting to sell would actually perform. Eventually I convinced some people to try a few of my Schaeffer products. The results always seemed to amaze me and my new-found customers. While witnessing amazing results, my confidence grew and my would-be customers recognized my conviction. They were still skeptical, but some of them were eventually willing to prove it for themselves. I know I'm not the best at promoting Schaeffer products and thought this website might help me reach a few more people. Because I know many drag racers, this is where I placed my target. Today my customer list include Big Money Bracket Racers to NHRA World Champions."

Greg Worthington
Schaeffer MFG Sales Rep


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Mar 30, 2019
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