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A unique jewelry is forever.
The passion for jewelry led me to realize unique jewelry completely handmade ​​ . I have been awarded in national and international jewelry design competitions , I'm able to perform any kind of processing of jewelry,are also gemologist.
Often I'm asked why I do not realize jewels with 3D design and lost wax casting. Normally in my production for my clients, I use all the techniques available, depending on the type of production, the quantity of ordered pieces and the quality cost of the jewel finished. In the public videos I have chosen to make jewels in a completely artisanal way for the following reasons: Realization is more accurate. The execution time for a single specimen is often less than other techniques. No need for particularly expensive machinery. Anyone who wants to try can do it, just a little bit of commitment and manuality. The finished product is of the highest quality, it does not matter the most precious jewels, they are still handcrafte