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"One of Hollywood's most unconventional leading men"

Focus on Adam Driver Week starts tonight on SBS World Movies at 9:30PM with Frances Ha.

Adam Driver Week | SBS World Movies

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SBS Movies
Kimberley Crabtree
Narelle Clarke
Danni Gee
Kylie Gillis
Experience a musical with the greatest hits of the 80s.
Walking on Sunshine airs on SBS World Movies today at 5:40PM or watch it now at SBS On Demand.

Walking On Sunshine

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You don't mess with the law. The law messes with you.
Cult classic Super Troopers tonight at 11:30PM on SBS VICELAND.
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Shane Grigsby
Karin Cruickshank
Alesha Hageman
Samuel Kent
Andrew Halliburton
An elegant observational portrait of small-town life in Reporoa, New Zealand; dairy farming, hard drinking and especially turning boys into men with rugby.

The Ground We Won, tonight at 8:35PM on NITV.
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If you don't have a life, get someone else's.
Colin Firth and Emily Blunt star in Arthur Newman. Tonight at 10PM on SBS World Movies.
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Anna Lou
Nathaniel Becher
Alena Arnold
"An overlooked masterpiece."

Brideshead Revisited starring Ben Whishaw and Matthew Goode is on SBS World Movies tonight at 7:30PM.

Brideshead Revisited Review

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Dawn Whittall
Julian Brown
Annette Robertson
Elizabeth Thomas
Irene Loring
A 2018 experiment tested the UK's preparedness for a pandemic. Was anyone paying attention?

'Contagion' presented by Dr Hannah Fry and Dr Javid Abdelmoneim is on SBS Australia tonight at 9:40pm and at SBS On Demand after broadcast.

'Contagion' reminds us that knowledge is our best defence against pandemics

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Marcus Armstrong
Australian movie My Mistress is a provocative love story about two lost souls that form an unconventional relationship which embraces the world of S&M. Watch it tonight at 9:35PM on SBS World Movies.

Harrison Gilbertson and Emmanuelle Béart talk My Mistress, S&M

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Lilly McQueen
Amber Claire
Stephen Everingham
James Condori
For those who've become disillusioned with the zombie genre, Train To Busan will restore your faith.

Watch it tonight on SBS VICELAND at 8:30PM

REVIEW: Train To Busan

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Simon Che Rodriguez
Nadia Aguilera
Sal Ly
Steven Siswanto
Annie Mac
An epic saga of passion, betrayal and heroism.
The Bounty, tonight at 9:30PM on SBS Australia.
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Patrick Marlin
James Condori
Petros Drakoulis
Robert Hill
Don Scordo