Saturday Night Live Season 44 90-Second Rewind

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01:34   |   Jun 10, 2019


Saturday Night Live Season 44 90-Second Rewind
Saturday Night Live Season 44 90-Second Rewind thumb Saturday Night Live Season 44 90-Second Rewind thumb Saturday Night Live Season 44 90-Second Rewind thumb


  • -Live from New York, it's Saturday night!
  • -Ooh, welcome to the funhouse, nerds.
  • -I crushed you into the ground
  • -That's a Ginsburg.
  • -Standing here tonight is a dream.
  • -I'm a genius.
  • -Really? -Yeah.
  • -I'm 6 years old.
  • -I'm going.
  • -Oh, my gosh! I love him.
  • -What did I say?
  • -Michael Cohen speaking.
  • -Oh, bitch.
  • -Oh!
  • -So, this is "SNL."
  • -Cheers.
  • -I love you so frigging much Tommy.
  • -And that's not the weird part
  • -I'm sorry I'm not young and pretty
  • like Donald "Jackass" Trump.
  • -What the [bleep]
  • -How dare you.
  • -You take a deep breath.
  • -Get out.
  • -[ Vocalizing ]
  • -Come back to me. Damn it! Idiot!
  • -You a big meat boy, Colin
  • -What just happened?
  • -What's up with you?
  • -Tischy can dance like this. What?
  • -Bingo. -Yeah.
  • -♪♪ Fight on ♪♪
  • -Mwah!
  • -Have a great, great summer. Thank you.
  • Season 44 in the books.

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